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Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

selling million dollar homes in sacramento

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is easier for the right Realtor.

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is slightly different than entry-level homes but not in the way that most people would think. Sure, there are luxury home Realtors in Sacramento who live in gated communities and specialize in million-dollar homes in Sacramento, but many of those agents don’t sell very many homes. Maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. If they double-end the transactions, they can earn as much as agents who sell 50 or more homes in the median-priced neighborhoods. Not bad for a handful of sales a year. But does it mean they have gained a lot of experience selling million dollar homes in Sacramento? Probably not. read more

Highest Sales Price $1,085,000 Closes in Riverlake Sacramento

riverlake waterfront home

Pool at 774 Still Breeze in Riverlake Community in the Sacramento Pocket

There are many ways to sell a luxury home in Riverlake, Sacramento, that involve overcoming objections to a low appraisal, which is why I employ different strategies for my escrows depending on the circumstances at hand. It’s a custom-designed strategy, I guess you could say. I won’t sugarcoat the process and say it’s completely stress-free for sellers, but like childbirth, I think they focus more on the end result after it’s over.

I recently closed two waterfront homes in Riverlake, almost directly across the water from each other. The first home was in Cobble Shores and smaller than the second home in Stillwater. The views were different as well as the home in Cobble Shores enjoyed a north facing view of the water and the back yard of the home in Stillwater faced south. Personally, I prefer the south-facing view. read more

Perfecting the Art of Selling Luxury Homes in Sacramento

luxury homes on the water in sacramento

A luxury waterfront home in Sacramento, by Elizabeth Weintraub

Methods used to sell luxury homes in Sacramento have changed over the past few decades rather dramatically, but the “people aspect” of these transactions remains the same. Agents who aspire to sell luxury listings realize this soon enough. Although we treat all of our clients with compassion and respect, selling a luxury home requires a bit more finesse, shall we say, and the attention to detail is a bit more meticulous.

For starters, not all, but many home sellers of luxury homes prefer to not discuss showings with a buyer’s agent. Their listing agent might handle those types of phone calls and play the role of the intermediary, a buffer between the seller and other agents. Some sellers don’t want their home advertised in MLS, although I personally believe that is a huge mistake because it truly limits the number of potential buyers. Competition brings higher prices. But sometimes privacy concerns win over profit. Not to mention, not only do many gated communities of luxury homes prohibit For Sale signs, sellers don’t want a sign, either. read more

Crazy Escrows in Sacramento Mean We Stay to the End

sacramento short sale are not always easy closings

Crazy escrows are not uncommon in Sacramento short sales.

Of all the crazy things that could fan the flames in an escrow, this particular case I’m about to discuss was exceptional, but then many Sacramento short sales are unique. This was also a small transaction as compared to selling luxury homes in Sacramento or in Davis — but as a Sacramento Realtor, I really don’t look at the sales price and tally my potential commission or I’d never list and sell half of the properties that I do. Or, as my husband likes to point out, still much more than his paycheck. read more

Coming Soon Waterfront Home in Riverlake, Sacramento

25 Water last dock

Aerial view of 774 Still Breeze Way, Sacramento, CA 95831

Sitting quietly, specifically angled to catch the rays of morning light as the sun showers Riverlake in gold across the water, is a magnificent custom home in the exclusive gated-community of Stillwater at Riverlake. A home of this caliber comes along maybe once in a lifetime. The location is premier water frontage, next to a private beach with its own boat dock and forever panoramic views of the water.

Dining patio at 774 Still Breeze Way

Dining patio at 774 Still Breeze Way

When I first entered this home, it gave me the same feeling I experienced when I first laid eyes on the Grand Canal after leaving the Santa Lucia train station; unprepared for the historical beauty that gloriously unfolded below my feet. That’s not to say I did not enjoy the tamukeyamas, palms and assorted Japanese maples adorning the front yard, nor that I did not appreciate the stamped concrete steps set on the diagonal with the whimsical carriage man statue at the top, accentuated by the high walls of glass around the home; still, the water view is overpowering and dominant. read more

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