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Sacramento Appraiser Sends Unprofessional Tweets, Raises Ruckus

sacramento appraiser sends unprofessional tweetsYou would think if you were a Sacramento appraiser trying to get noticed online, that a guy like that would be more careful about what he says and how he says it. It started last spring over a home in Carmichael I had briefly listed, which had been the unintentional topic of many alt-right news reports. The Tweets from the Sacramento appraiser eventually made it to the Sac Bee online news. Due to the orchestrating of bringing proprietary information not meant for public consumption to the public by the appraiser. In other words, look as though this Sacramento appraiser made it his business to Tweet about a member-only status in MLS with the intention of purposely igniting the alt-right. read more

Who Are the Top 5 Real Estate Agents in Sacramento Right Now?

top 5 real estate agents in sacramento

Year-to-date sales among top 5 real estate agents in Sacramento.

All year I have not once looked at the top producer stats in Trendgraphix, much less think I had made it into the top 5 real estate agents in Sacramento. I’m usually in the top 10, but I don’t look at those numbers until the end of the year. That’s when I make updates to my profiles all over the internet. Not every real estate agent in Sacramento updates her profiles to stay current but I make a sincere effort to do it. Besides, our Code of Ethics requires that Realtors present a true image. I care about my reputation. read more

Sacramento Real Estate Market Update April 2017

Sacramento Real Estate Market Update

Tower bridge early summer in Sacramento from the banks near the levee bike trail.

There seems to always be good news and bad news in a Sacramento real estate market update for single-family homes. The really bad news (because I always like to get the bad news out of the way first) is we have only 1,318 homes in Sacramento County for sale (not counting condos). That’s pitiful. It’s really low. The only thing that makes it worse is the fact we have so many interested buyers who would like to buy a home and there are not enough homes for sale to satisfy that demand. Which happens to be the good news: there are a lot of buyers out in the April market. read more

What Selling Real Estate in the 1970s Was Like

selling real estate in the 1970s

Selling real estate in the 1970s bears little resemblance to today.

Selling real estate in the 1970s was as different as Red vs Blue states today. Many years ago, on a faraway planet known as Orange County, California, I once primarily represented investors and created the craziest home buying concepts that were almost always accepted without question. Looking back, I possess fond memories of this time, when many agents were considered pioneers, innovators, although, in some cases, crooks; and because of the latter, I’m glad the 1970s are history.

A real estate agent could do just about anything she could conceive in real estate. For me, personally, I’m capable of conceiving a lot. I suffer from imagination overload. There were few laws in the 1970s, except for usury and Fair Housing, which governed agent activity. read more

Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

selling million dollar homes in sacramento

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is easier for the right Realtor.

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is slightly different than entry-level homes but not in the way that most people would think. Sure, there are luxury home Realtors in Sacramento who live in gated communities and specialize in million-dollar homes in Sacramento, but many of those agents don’t sell very many homes. Maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. If they double-end the transactions, they can earn as much as agents who sell 50 or more homes in the median-priced neighborhoods. Not bad for a handful of sales a year. But does it mean they have gained a lot of experience selling million dollar homes in Sacramento? Probably not. read more

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