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Homes That Smell Take Forever to Sell in Sacramento

homes that smell

Homes that smell like cigarettes, junk food, and beer turn off buyers.

If you own one of those homes that smell, you probably don’t notice the odors. Because you live with that house every single day. Take that roasted chicken with rosemary you made for dinner last night as an example. The scent still lingers today but you can’t tell. Ask that little girl on your doorstep trying to sell you Girl Scout cookies what your home smells like, and she’ll tell you it’s chicken.

Of course, you’ve heard that Sacramento Realtors will bake cookies during an open house but most of us do not. Too much work and we can’t turn on an oven. Not to mention, you’d be amazed at how many people do not know how to make cookies without a cookie mix or frozen dough. We also do not use air fresheners because the scent is overpowering. read more

Highest Sales Price $1,085,000 Closes in Riverlake Sacramento

riverlake waterfront home

Pool at 774 Still Breeze in Riverlake Community in the Sacramento Pocket

There are many ways to sell a luxury home in Riverlake, Sacramento, that involve overcoming objections to a low appraisal, which is why I employ different strategies for my escrows depending on the circumstances at hand. It’s a custom-designed strategy, I guess you could say. I won’t sugarcoat the process and say it’s completely stress-free for sellers, but like childbirth, I think they focus more on the end result after it’s over.

I recently closed two waterfront homes in Riverlake, almost directly across the water from each other. The first home was in Cobble Shores and smaller than the second home in Stillwater. The views were different as well as the home in Cobble Shores enjoyed a north facing view of the water and the back yard of the home in Stillwater faced south. Personally, I prefer the south-facing view. read more

Why the Sales Price a Sacramento Home Seller Wants Does Not Matter

Home Selling SacramentoOne of the questions a Sacramento home seller asked me last week during a FaceTime interview is why didn’t I ask her how much they wanted to sell the home for, because every other agent they talked to had asked this question. I was very honest, as is my nature, and I explained that it doesn’t matter. Because it doesn’t matter how much the Sacramento home seller wants. That’s actually pretty much immaterial in a transaction; what is more important, what takes center stage, is the appraised value, which is based on comparable sales. read more

Solution for Selling a Home in a Bad Location

Buying House in a Noisy LocationIt’s really hard to tell a seller who has lived happily in a home for 30 years that it will be a challenge selling that Sacramento home because it’s in a bad location, but I manage to share that news when it’s warranted. It’s my job as a Sacramento real estate agent to set realistic expectations for my sellers and to be straight with them. The apartment buildings behind this pool home were a major concern, and I knew it would turn off buyers.

Now, some agents get upset when sellers have their own way of dealing with such news, which is sometimes to ignore it and see how things go, but that’s the seller’s prerogative. It doesn’t bother me. I get it. The seller is the boss. The seller owns the home and makes the rules. I would never come back and say I told you so. That’s not my style — although I might think it because I am human. But I completely understand a seller who may have trouble coming to grips with the reality of a situation. Nobody wants to realize his childhood home is stigmatized because of a bad location. Sellers who need time to process can take all of the time they need. read more

Biggest Peeves Among Home Sellers in Sacramento

woman gossip retro illustration, polka dots backgroundThere are 3 things I do that other agents don’t seem to do on a regular basis, which is how this Sacramento real estate agent keeps her home sellers happy and content. I know there must be times when an agent looks at my new listing in MLS and wonders how I got that listing and why didn’t he get the listing. What is it about this agent, they may ask? I will tell you. Not only will I tell you but I do so without worrying that oh-my-gosh, now every real estate agent knows my secrets and will steal all of my business in town — because it won’t happen. I’m not bragging, it’s just the way things are. read more

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