Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

selling million dollar homes in sacramento

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is easier for the right Realtor.

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is slightly different than entry-level homes but not in the way that most people would think. Sure, there are luxury home Realtors in Sacramento who live in gated communities and specialize in million-dollar homes in Sacramento, but many of those agents don’t sell very many homes. Maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. If they double-end the transactions, they can earn as much as agents who sell 50 or more homes in the median-priced neighborhoods. Not bad for a handful of sales a year. But does it mean they have gained a lot of experience selling million dollar homes in Sacramento? Probably not.

Not every luxury sales agent works 24 / 7 or responds immediately to a phone call. Don’t believe me? Call a couple and see if they answer their cellphone.

The other type of Sacramento Realtor who sells million dollar homes in Sacramento is the agent who takes on all clients from all walks of life. She sees the sides of many different personalities. What she has learned over the years of selling median-priced or entry-level homes is applicable to luxury home sales. Just as her knowledge of selling Sacramento luxury homes is applicable to the first-time home buyer market. Slightly different strategies, but it’s all selling real estate and knowing how to work with a wide variety of people.

I’ll share what I have learned in a nutshell over the past 40-some years in real estate. Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time. Real estate clients expect excellent communication, utmost respect and specific performance. Does not matter if they own a million-dollar home or a $50,000 condo. The service they receive from this Sacramento Realtor is identical. A 3% difference on a million sales price equates to $30,000. A 3% difference on $100K is $3,000. Those sums affect each individual seller in a similar manner. It’s 3% of the sales price if a buyer writes a lower-than-list-price offer.

I also do not count my chickens before they hatch. Which means I do not leap into panic mode if a seller might cause a transaction to cancel by not agreeing to a buyer’s request for repairs, for example. That’s the seller’s choice to make. Not mine. I will sell that home again to another buyer who won’t try to nitpick after the home inspection. Makes little difference to me if the seller wants to play hardball. I lay out the consequences and choices and wait for the seller to make the decision. It’s not our fault if the buyer won’t listen to her buyer’s agent or if the buyer’s agent is incapable of educating the buyer.

I am also working on a very low-income sale at the moment. The sellers do not own a computer, so I drive over to their home whenever documents need to be signed. When faced with a recent decision, the seller smiled at me, “Oh honey, you choose.” My response was: why not let me explain your options and how about you make the decision? I’ll share my opinions, but it’s their financial transaction. I am an adviser. I offer solutions and alternatives and information. I am patient. I’ll wait.

It’s impossible to typecast Elizabeth Weintraub as a Realtor and say I’m that kind or this kind. I’m a level-headed — some might say maverick — real estate broker who is just as comfortable wearing flip-flops as, say, Dries Van Noten. Have you seen those pearl heeled boots? If you want to hire a Top Producer Realtor for selling million-dollar homes in Sacramento, I’ve got the experience and strategies to maximize profit. Just the same as if you need to sell a $50,000 tear-down in Oak Park. No attitudes. No drama. No discrimination. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

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