Luxury homes in Sacramento

Out of This World Views of Catta Verdera Golf Course in Lincoln

catta verdera golf course

3641 Monteverde Drive, Lincoln, CA 95648 is for sale by Elizabeth Weintraub, Lyon RE

When I tell you the views from this home overlooking the Catta Verdera Golf Course in Lincoln are spectacular and mind blowing, you will still need to tour this home for yourself because photos can’t do enough justice and words will render you speechless, particularly when you’re absorbing the view in person from this back yard. The Catta Verdera Golf Course is part of the Catta Verdera Country Club, which boasts the only 4 1/2 star golf course in Northern California. This .3571 lot sits high on the hill with views of Sutter Buttes and the Sacramento Valley, as far as the eye can see. read more

Luxury Condos Coming to Downtown Sacramento: Sawyer Residences

luxury condos downtown sacramento

Luxury condos downtown Sacramento at Sawyer Residences © Agency Development Group

Because Lyon Real Estate is one of the oldest and well respected real estate companies in Sacramento, we often get invited to tour new projects before the public hears much about them, including the new luxury condos in downtown Sacramento, . In fact, a woman from outside of Sacramento called a month ago, demanding to tour luxury condos in downtown Sacramento, and apart from the units at 500 N Street, we had to tell her there aren’t any. Yet. Yet being the operative word.

luxury condos downtown sacramento

A porcupine light fixture is part of the ambiance at the Sawyer Residences. © Barbara Dow

Well, there have been a few, but there are none for sale now. The condos at the top of the Marriott come to mind, the Penthouses at Capitol Park, but those sold out. Lots of false starts and promises on other projects, but now that we have the Golden 1 Arena, downtown Sacramento is suddenly burning red hot. read more

Luxury Home in Loomis is a Fairytale Castle for Sale

luxury home in loomis

The fairytale castle at 5966 Ridge Park Dr in Loomis.

If you’re looking for a luxury home in Loomis, you might want to consider taking a look at this fairytale castle. Turn out it was the first home ever to sell in the Sacramento area for more than a million dollars. It was one of five spec homes built in the 1980s. Yet what a home! It doesn’t quite compare to the Hearst Castle Upstairs Suite Tour from last Sunday, but it’s still spectacular. Feast your eyes on this photograph, used with permission from the seller. If you’ve got $2,390,000, this home could belong to you. read more

Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

selling million dollar homes in sacramento

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is easier for the right Realtor.

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is slightly different than entry-level homes but not in the way that most people would think. Sure, there are luxury home Realtors in Sacramento who live in gated communities and specialize in million-dollar homes in Sacramento, but many of those agents don’t sell very many homes. Maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. If they double-end the transactions, they can earn as much as agents who sell 50 or more homes in the median-priced neighborhoods. Not bad for a handful of sales a year. But does it mean they have gained a lot of experience selling million dollar homes in Sacramento? Probably not. read more

Selling Luxury Homes in Sacramento With Team Weintraub

selling luxury homes in sacramento

Flowers delivered to Amy McMullan from happy home buyers in Sacramento.

How would you like to get your real estate license and close a multi-million transaction as one of your first? I suspect that scenario is every new agent’s dream. It’s probably also the way many in the public view the work of real estate agents; that it’s glamorous, just like on HGTV, and we wash our hair in champagne for extra bounce and body. In actuality, it is extremely hard work, especially starting out when there is so much to learn and not much in time in which to acquire that knowledge. It’s not always a case of selling luxury homes in Sacramento for a newer agent. In fact, it’s rarely. read more