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Sloughhouse Rd is a Stunning Place in Elk Grove

Sloughhouse Rd has a stunning Lake located in Elk Grove

This is a very special place where everyone that visits says 8109 Sloughhouse Rd is a stunning place in Elk Grove. Its history is a real-life love story. This lake is a symbol of that love. This short story below was told to me by someone who was there and knew these people well but I have not verified it.

There was a couple who were boyfriend and girlfriend for many years. She was a very bright woman who loved birds and orchids. She was a very active person, full of life. Her boyfriend was retired law enforcement whom I think must have had a heart the size of Texas. She had an accident which left her paralyzed. She sustained further injuries and had to be put on a respirator. Her boyfriend married her and they bought this ranch, 80 acres of paradise. He built her a house and created this lake. He dug out the dirt, planted the trees and plants, and he made the lake for her. It has a beautiful footbridge, a walking path, two islands, and a huge rock waterfall. This was important as it was what she would look at each day from her brick patio outside her room. She had to have 24-hour care. read more

How to Attract Listings in Sacramento By Going to Hawaii

listings in sacramento

Some of my clients know first-hand that I might pay a bit more attention to my listings in Sacramento when I am in Hawaii. That might sound counter-productive to some of you who would do the complete opposite if given a chance. But going to our house in Hawaii is like arriving at my source of personal power. I dive right into the Aloha. It’s not like I must go to the ocean to swim or drive the coastline. Because I’m perfectly content on my lanai, working on my computer against a panoramic backdrop of the ocean off in the distance.

Especially when I am the only person at the house. I don’t even have a cat or a neighborhood cat to distract me, although I won’t discount the geckos, lizards and occasional mongoose. It’s a quiet environment that lets me focus on my listings, alone in the warm Kona breezes blowing across the lanai.

No wonder I am so at peace and happy in Hawaii.

Of course, all I have to do to attract more listings in Sacramento is to print out that boarding pass. Like magic. Bam. The phone starts to ring. I managed to squeeze in one last listing appointment yesterday before I left. When you read this, I will be 30,000 feet in the air, enjoying breakfast over the Pacific. Two and a half movies later, I’m in Honolulu changing planes to Big Island.

I also just picked up another listing in Sacramento yesterday when a buyer flaked out. We had to put the home back on the market, but we’ve also got a group of interested buyers who did not act fast enough. The buyer’s agent said the buyer decided after going into escrow that he cannot afford to buy a home, or his loan was too much, hard to say. Cold feet. So many buyers develop cold feet, it seems.

It’s entirely possible that before I come back home to Sacramento that I’ll take more listings in Sacramento. With technology — internet and cell — that’s all I need to sell homes in Sacramento. The new listing on this page is a view from the street in Laguna West, which is in Elk Grove, a suburb of Sacramento. I love to sell homes in this neighborhood; it’s one of my favorites.

These sellers have a list of things to do before going on the market, but they could be ready in a couple of weeks. This will probably be priced in the lower to mid-700s, if you’re interested. You can call me at 916.233.6759, but please note the time difference in Hawaii is 3 hours earlier than Sacramento. Mahalo!

Luxury Home in Loomis is a Fairytale Castle for Sale

luxury home in loomis

The fairytale castle at 5966 Ridge Park Dr in Loomis.

If you’re looking for a luxury home in Loomis, you might want to consider taking a look at this fairytale castle. Turn out it was the first home ever to sell in the Sacramento area for more than a million dollars. It was one of five spec homes built in the 1980s. Yet what a home! It doesn’t quite compare to the Hearst Castle Upstairs Suite Tour from last Sunday, but it’s still spectacular. Feast your eyes on this photograph, used with permission from the seller. If you’ve got $2,390,000, this home could belong to you.

Before I get into the particulars about homes for sale in Loomis, let me say that this is not my listing. It is listed by the seller, who is also a real estate agent in Loomis. It came to my attention because I received an email from a girl who found the listing on my website and contacted me, thinking maybe I was the listing agent. That’s a common mistake because my presence on the internet is so high, it’s hard for most people to figure out which listings are mine when online searches lead buyers directly to my website. It’s what happens when you’ve been online since 1991 like me.

I received an email from Savannah, a 15-year-old who, in her own words, drools over this home every Sunday on her way to church.  She wrote: “I honestly don’t know why I am writing you this email and telling you how much I love the house, it is irrational to think that I ( a fifteen year old who want’s to be a middle school teacher) could possibly be able to own something so grand.”

Savannah is right, and not because wants is not a word with a possessive quality, but because a middle-school teacher does not receive the salary she deserves. Teachers are so grossly underpaid for what they do. But a real estate agent could afford it. You’d have to earn about $335,000 a year to comfortably buy this home with 20% down and not exceed the 43% front-end ratio. Your mortgage payment would be about $9,000 a month for principal and interest at 3.875%.

luxury home in loomis

Private year-round pond at 5596 Ridge Park Dr in Loomis.

This luxury home in Loomis features 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, and the assessor’s office shows 7,437 square feet. The fairytale castle sits on more than 5 acres in Sierra Ridge Estates, a private, gated community near Sierra College Blvd. There is a pool and enormous outdoor kitchen, plus a year-round private pond, and covered parking for 5 vehicles. The HOA dues are $550 a month, and the property taxes are currently assessed at $20,000 a year.

Many of the interior walls and soaring ceilings are angled, contemporary and vaulted, featuring wood finishes and beams. Stone, tile and wood materials are found in most of the floors, modern and timeless designs. A magnificent stone fireplace in the lower level family room rises above the second floor, making one feel, I imagine, as though you are at a private Lake Tahoe ski lodge. The game room itself is so large you hardly notice the oversized pool table it accommodates, and the master bedroom is so huge you can barely see the bed at the other end of the room.

luxury home in loomis

Master bath is luxurious at 5966 Ridge Park Drive.

You know, real estate wisdom says it’s the kitchen that draws the eye in any home, but I always look to the master bath. Show me a beautiful master bath and the kitchen will be even lovelier. The only thing that’s missing from this master bath are half-naked Greek gods dangling grapes over my lips while washing my feet and fanning the air with palm fronds. Don’t you adore the light fixtures? The jetted tub looks like the tiles were cultivated from the iridescent shells of black pearls found at Gauguin’s Pearl Farm in Rangiroa.

If you’d like to tour this luxury home in Loomis, it is available by appointment and you must produce proof of funds to buy, according to the listing agent. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759 for a private appointment. My team and I would love to represent you and present this home for your consideration. 5966 Ridge Park Dr, Loomis, CA 95650 is listed for sale at $2,390,000, by another Realtor.

Photos: C Akers, used with permission

Selling Million Dollar Homes in Sacramento vs Entry Level Homes

selling million dollar homes in sacramento

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is easier for the right Realtor.

Selling million dollar homes in Sacramento is slightly different than entry-level homes but not in the way that most people would think. Sure, there are luxury home Realtors in Sacramento who live in gated communities and specialize in million-dollar homes in Sacramento, but many of those agents don’t sell very many homes. Maybe 3 or 4 homes a year. If they double-end the transactions, they can earn as much as agents who sell 50 or more homes in the median-priced neighborhoods. Not bad for a handful of sales a year. But does it mean they have gained a lot of experience selling million dollar homes in Sacramento? Probably not.

Not every luxury sales agent works 24 / 7 or responds immediately to a phone call. Don’t believe me? Call a couple and see if they answer their cellphone.

The other type of Sacramento Realtor who sells million dollar homes in Sacramento is the agent who takes on all clients from all walks of life. She sees the sides of many different personalities. What she has learned over the years of selling median-priced or entry-level homes is applicable to luxury home sales. Just as her knowledge of selling Sacramento luxury homes is applicable to the first-time home buyer market. Slightly different strategies, but it’s all selling real estate and knowing how to work with a wide variety of people.

I’ll share what I have learned in a nutshell over the past 40-some years in real estate. Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time. Real estate clients expect excellent communication, utmost respect and specific performance. Does not matter if they own a million-dollar home or a $50,000 condo. The service they receive from this Sacramento Realtor is identical. A 3% difference on a million sales price equates to $30,000. A 3% difference on $100K is $3,000. Those sums affect each individual seller in a similar manner. It’s 3% of the sales price if a buyer writes a lower-than-list-price offer.

I also do not count my chickens before they hatch. Which means I do not leap into panic mode if a seller might cause a transaction to cancel by not agreeing to a buyer’s request for repairs, for example. That’s the seller’s choice to make. Not mine. I will sell that home again to another buyer who won’t try to nitpick after the home inspection. Makes little difference to me if the seller wants to play hardball. I lay out the consequences and choices and wait for the seller to make the decision. It’s not our fault if the buyer won’t listen to her buyer’s agent or if the buyer’s agent is incapable of educating the buyer.

I am also working on a very low-income sale at the moment. The sellers do not own a computer, so I drive over to their home whenever documents need to be signed. When faced with a recent decision, the seller smiled at me, “Oh honey, you choose.” My response was: why not let me explain your options and how about you make the decision? I’ll share my opinions, but it’s their financial transaction. I am an adviser. I offer solutions and alternatives and information. I am patient. I’ll wait.

It’s impossible to typecast Elizabeth Weintraub as a Realtor and say I’m that kind or this kind. I’m a level-headed — some might say maverick — real estate broker who is just as comfortable wearing flip-flops as, say, Dries Van Noten. Have you seen those pearl heeled boots? If you want to hire a Top Producer Realtor for selling million-dollar homes in Sacramento, I’ve got the experience and strategies to maximize profit. Just the same as if you need to sell a $50,000 tear-down in Oak Park. No attitudes. No drama. No discrimination. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Selling Luxury Homes in Sacramento With Team Weintraub

selling luxury homes in sacramento

Flowers delivered to Amy McMullan from happy home buyers in Sacramento.

How would you like to get your real estate license and close a multi-million transaction as one of your first? I suspect that scenario is every new agent’s dream. It’s probably also the way many in the public view the work of real estate agents; that it’s glamorous, just like on HGTV, and we wash our hair in champagne for extra bounce and body. In actuality, it is extremely hard work, especially starting out when there is so much to learn and not much in time in which to acquire that knowledge. It’s not always a case of selling luxury homes in Sacramento for a newer agent. In fact, it’s rarely.

In some ways, being a brand new agent is like standing in the middle of a public street at rush hour, while cars whiz by and you try not to get killed. Stuff coming at you from all directions and not just at eye level. Birds overhead pooping as they fly past and you’re ducking to avoid the droppings.

I know this because even though it’s been more than 40 years since I entered the real estate profession, I do personally mentor my Elizabeth Weintraub Team agents. Sometimes, when you’re a team leader who is searching for that perfect team member, it’s more advantageous and smarter to work with an individual who has all the right traits to become an enormous success in the business and help them get licensed than to choose an agent with decades of experience.

Amy McMullan and I go way back. She was one of my first clients when I came to Sacramento. When she called last year to talk about obtaining her California real estate license, I knew without a doubt in my mind that she will soar in this business. She and I share similar personalities and outlooks. Amy loves the real estate business with an irrefutable passion; she has focus, tenacity, intelligence and tons of common sense. She just closed a transaction for a little under $2 million. She now knows early on what it’s like to be an agent selling luxury homes in Sacramento.

The clients called me out of the blue on a Saturday morning, quite early, and I answered the phone. Chatted briefly and decided the personality of the buyer fit Amy’s personality perfectly. At the time, I had no idea they wanted to look at multi-million homes, but it would not have changed my opinion that Amy could handle it. We poured over listings online. Talked incessantly. Discussed each listing and how to handle showing it. Intense training.

Negotiated our way through the purchase contract. Once in escrow, we spoke almost daily about the inspections and repairs. Amy sought advice from other Team Weintraub agents, too. Thank you, Josh and thank you, Barbara. We all work together. Amy was never alone in this. Both Josh and Barbara have experience selling luxury homes in Sacramento, just like me.

However, it was definitely Amy’s incredible strength, her dedication and her wisdom that closed the transaction. I am extremely proud that these clients were ecstatic and thrilled to the extent they sent the beautiful flower arrangements pictured above to our office for Amy. Congratulations, Amy. You are on your way to becoming a rock star! I am jazzed to call you my friend and team member. We all on the Team envision greatness for you. And after other brokers see this blog, they will undoubtedly try to steal you away. It’s the nature of the business.

But we know where your heart lies.

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