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Establishing Priorities from a Top Sacramento Listing Agent

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Establishing priorities comes very easy to this top Sacramento listing agent. For example, after 44 years in the real estate business, I know what is important. People who rely on you. Younger agents are often all over the board on this but not me. Just like Lyon Real Estate values its agents and makes agents its #1 priority, I identify with that approach and have established my own priorities. Lyon has always been good to me (except that one time a long time ago). Everybody makes mistakes.

But I am not a drama queen. read more

How Long Did It Take to Sell a Southside Park Bungalow at 411 U Street?

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Before I tell you how long it took to sell a Southside Park bungalow over on 5th and U Streets, I can share a few other details leading up to this. I know people see the days on market and wonder if they should go into Sacramento real estate. It all looks so easy. Although it is not that easy, and I suspect some people find it difficult to believe.  They do not understand why the professional agents, those like me with four decades in real estate, can turn over inventory so fast. Couldn’t possibly be because we know what we’re doing, now could it? Must be because the market is so danged hot. read more

Closed Another Woodside Oaks Condo in Alicante Villas

alicante villas one bedroom condoSome agents have implied that selling a Woodside Oaks condo is too difficult because they believe the HOA dues are too high, so they take too long to sell and agents won’t get a fast sale. Me, I’ve never worried about fast sales. Like I told a seller today, he should go on the market by early June to capture what’s left of our spring market, but he can also wait until he’s ready. Now is optimum for highest concentration of buyers. But if he’s not ready, I’m not gonna push. I’ll wait until next year. Makes no difference to me, although it might to him. read more

Why Agents Should Explain all Home Selling Documents to Sellers

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Explaining all home selling documents to sellers helps to avoid confusion later.

Home selling documents are not as simple and straight forward as some of us like to believe. Especially when you’re been in the real estate business for as many decades as I have, I have probably forgotten about more documents than the existing home selling documents we use today. We Sacramento listing agents can become complacent and assume sellers know everything when sellers usually know very little.

Even if the seller has sold homes in the past, almost every transaction is different, unique in some way. The home selling documents can also vary from transaction to transaction. read more

Timing on Market is Key With Sacramento Listings

timing on market

Timing on market in Sacramento can help to generate excitement and higher offers.

Part of the problem I am facing as a top listing agent in Sacramento, odd as this might sound, is with timing on market; I can’t keep any listings in inventory. Soon as I put a home on the market, we get a bunch of offers and it sells. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a listing stay in active status longer than a week lately. I compare it to the days when I used to put together large dinner parties. I could spend 3 days on my feet, chopping, cooking, creating a Chinese feast and, within 20 minutes, the food is devoured and gone. read more

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