Perfecting the Art of Selling Luxury Homes in Sacramento

luxury homes sacramentoMethods used to sell luxury homes in Sacramento have changed over the past few decades rather dramatically, but the “people aspect” of these transactions remains the same. Agents who aspire to sell luxury listings realize this soon enough. Although we treat all of our clients with compassion and respect, selling a luxury home requires a bit more finesse, shall we say, and the attention to detail is a bit more meticulous.

For starters, not all, but many home sellers of luxury homes prefer to not discuss showings with a buyer’s agent. Their listing agent might handle those types of phone calls and play the role of the intermediary, a buffer between the seller and other agents. Some sellers don’t want their home advertised in MLS, although I personally believe that is a huge mistake because it truly limits the number of potential buyers. Competition brings higher prices. But sometimes privacy concerns win over profit. Not to mention, not only do many gated communities of luxury homes prohibit For Sale signs, sellers don’t want a sign, either.

There is also the marketing, though. Which is handled on a somewhat higher scale. Agents tend to spend more money on marketing for luxury homes because it is possible the home might not immediately sell. It could be reaching a limited market. For example, I read the other day that there are something like 211,000 people in the United States with a net worth exceeding $30 million. That’s actually not very many people.

Although online exposure is vast and reaches cross the International Dateline. Even royalty in Dubai look at homes online. You can’t fool me, I’ve seen iPads in their hands. You think they are reading email, but they’re really drooling over the cliff-to-shoreline waterfall in some celebrity’s backyard in Malibu.

Words play such an important role, as they do in any listing, yet quality photography can supersede. Pictures say a 1,000 words is true. We’ve all seen the blackened photos in MLS and wondered what was going on. I’ll tell you what was going on. The sellers hired their nephew’s youngest son who hit the sheets at 4 AM and hasn’t quite recovered from his night-clubbing, instead of an experienced luxury homes Realtor in Sacramento. Click on this link if you would like to read more about selling luxury homes.

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