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Homes That Smell Take Forever to Sell in Sacramento

homes that smell

Homes that smell like cigarettes, junk food, and beer turn off buyers.

If you own one of those homes that smell, you probably don’t notice the odors. Because you live with that house every single day. Take that roasted chicken with rosemary you made for dinner last night as an example. The scent still lingers today but you can’t tell. Ask that little girl on your doorstep trying to sell you Girl Scout cookies what your home smells like, and she’ll tell you it’s chicken.

Of course, you’ve heard that Sacramento Realtors will bake cookies during an open house but most of us do not. Too much work and we can’t turn on an oven. Not to mention, you’d be amazed at how many people do not know how to make cookies without a cookie mix or frozen dough. We also do not use air fresheners because the scent is overpowering. read more

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