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Selling a Home in Sacramento and Offer Negotiation

3-lockboxes-sacramento-300x225A seller who is selling a home in Sacramento should not have to wonder if the buyers who just wrote an offer on her home really want to buy the house. I mean, what if I told you that I am willing to sell you a Ferrari for $10,000, but you say the sale is subject to your ability to find the money buried in a barrel Breaking Bad style out in the desert somewhere? Oh, and on top of that, at anytime, you can decide to renegotiate the price with me or ask me, if you like, to throw in, say, a year’s supply of gas and car washes for you. You’d probably think you hit pay dirt. read more

Selling Homes in Sacramento is Like Herding Cats

Cat-Herding-Home-Selling-SacramentoWorking in real estate and selling homes in Sacramento is somewhat like herding cats. Just for the record, I don’t run a cat ranch or anything, but there are 3 cats who live in my home in Land Park, so I know a little something about herding cats. Cats will do whatever they want to do. They are somewhat predictable, but there are times a cat will completely freak you out, and the Sacramento real estate market is a good comparison. Just when you think that cat is headed for the litter box, it will abruptly stop and throw up on your feet. read more

Turn a Sacramento Short Sale Into an Equity Sale

Turning Short Sales into Equity SalesThe Sacramento real estate agents who are only in the real estate business to make money will never know how truly wonderful it feels to help our sellers and buyers accomplish their goals. Those kinds of agents are missing the motivational aspect of this business, the driving force that makes agents stay in Sacramento real estate for the long haul. On top of which, I believe they have their priorities turned around. It really is true that if you do what you love, the money will follow. That’s not just a hokey thing people say to sell books, it’s real. An agent should focus on the client and not on the end result. That belief is how I became a top producer. read more

Must a Sacramento Seller Accept a Full-Price Offer?

Real Estate Sold Insert over For Sale Sign and HouseA Sacramento real estate agent can bring her seller a full-price offer, but she can’t make the seller sign it. Not if the seller flat-out refuses. You might wonder what kind of seller would turn down a full-price offer, and the answer would probably astonish you. All kinds of sellers would do this. Smart sellers, ignorant sellers, wealthy sellers, dirt-poor sellers, sellers who live in the country and sellers who live in the city — it doesn’t seem to matter.

What I suspect is bringing on this baffling phenomenon is the rising market in Sacramento. Sellers hear all about multiple offers and they mistakenly believe that it is permissible to demand a higher price when the seller receives an offer. I now make it a practice to have this discussion with my sellers before we go on the market. I explain that if we receive a full-price offer and no other offers, then the seller needs to accept the full-price offer. You would think that an agent would not need to explain how real estate works, but she does: read more

Why Did That Sacramento Home Sell for Less?

home sell for lessThe question arose at my midtown office this week about whether all offers are presented to the seller when it seems a Sacramento home sells for less. The reason the caller questioned whether it happened is because the final sales price was so much less than the caller’s purchase offer. This buyer could not fathom any other reason why a home would sell for less than the price this buyer offered for it; therefore, this buyer concluded that there must be have been monkey business going on. It’s amusing that when a buyer doesn’t understand, the accusing finger is automatically lobbed toward the Sacramento real estate agent. It’s also sad because it tells you what some buyers really think about us but are afraid to voice. read more

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