Elizabeth Weintraub Team Ranks in 3 Top Agents at Lyon Real Estate

3 top agents lyon real estate

Pat Shea hands award to Elizabeth Weintraub for 2016 production in 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate.

A funny thing happened at the Lyon Real Estate Awards last night at Memorial Auditorium, not the least withstanding is the Elizabeth Weintraub Team ranks in 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate for 2016 production. In fact, I was sorta thinking that somebody was gonna come up on stage and snatch the award out of my hands and say, sorry, Elizabeth, that award belongs to the #7 agent at Lyon Real Estate, like the Oscar snafu this year. I did not expect to end the year ranking in the 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate. I knew I would be in the top 1% because I always am, but I thought that last year my top 3 ranking might have slipped, yet no.

But what was even weirder was there was no #7 in the top agent award category. Lyon always names the top 10 agents in the company at the awards celebrations each year. They count down from 10, stop after #4 and then they clear the stage for the 3 top agents at Lyon. Except this year they counted down: 10, 9, 8, 6, 5 and 4. What happened to number 7?

This year, Marilyn Goff from Cameron Park delivered a moving and noticeably challenging speech; she is so brave and I admire her courage. She received a bouquet of flowers with her award.

3 top agents Lyon Real Estate

From left, Pat Shea, Marilyn Goff, Elizabeth Weintraub and Tom Phillips, 2016 Lyon Awards.

Lyon used to give its 3 top agents extra gifts, like a goodie bag. One year I received a tablet, among other things, but that tradition seems to have gone away. What we receive now is another huge glass vase that is inscribed with the year, status and our name. And the thing is heavy. Not as heavy as my evening bag, studded with rhinestones. That thing was so heavy you could use it as a weapon. One slam to the side of the head and an attacker would be flat on the floor. A girl’s gotta carry protection.

Elizabeth Weintraub Team 2017

The Elizabeth Weintraub Team: Josh Amolsch, Amy McMullan, Elizabeth Weintraub, Shaundra Bradley, Barbara Dow

Hey, the Elizabeth Weintraub Team cleans up well, doncha think? The theme for the awards dinner was Red Carpet, which is why there were two tall statues that resembled Oscar but had minor differences to ensure Lyon would not get sued. For example, the real Oscar, although male, is fairly gender free of certain traits, but this particular Oscar version, well, let’s just say people were trying to cover up certain parts when they stood in front of it for photos.

3 tops agents Lyon Real Estate

Elizabeth Weintraub poses in front of Oscar R Us at the Lyon Awards 2017.

There is really nothing the 5 of us on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team cannot do. We operate on the premise of our clients come first, and we cover each other’s back. Nothing slips through the cracks with us. You might be tired of hearing me say we work like a well-oiled machine, but it’s true. I manage our listings; Josh, Amy and Barb place all of our buyers, and Shaundra is the glue that glides us in what seems like an effortless endeavor to closing.

Thank you, Josh, Amy, Barbara and Shaundra for another wonderful year at Lyon Real Estate. The Elizabeth Weintraub Team would not excel if not for all of you. Dan Tharp at Guild Mortgage was out of town this year and could not attend the Lyon Real Estate Awards, but Dan, we want you to know you are valuable and adored by us as well.

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