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Elizabeth Weintraub Wins #2 at Lyon Real Estate Awards 2018

Lyon Real Estate Awards 2018

Elizabeth Weintraub wins #2 at Lyon Real Estate Awards: Amy McMullan, Elizabeth Weintraub, Josh Amolsch, Dan Tharp, Shaundra Bradley and . . . Barbara Dow.

Seems once I made it into the top 1% at Lyon Real Estate, I end up ranking every year either as #2 or #3 in the company. We have about 1,000 agents at Lyon, so it’s not an insignificant accomplishment to make into the top 1% at the Lyon Real Estate Awards. Only nine agents achieve that milestone every year. Although, we used to win better prizes. Over the last 5 years or so, we just get a huge honkin’ vase, and now I have too many of those.

Honestly, I have too many awards, period. What do you do with them? I suppose they could be used as flower vases, but I don’t know if you’d want your name on them. I spotted a few awards our relocation department won, and those were pretty cool. From where we sat, they resembled figurines with a globe on top. Like a Golden Globe. You could use them to clobber an intruder. read more

Market Charts From the #1 Agent at Lyon Real Estate for July

top agent at lyon real estate

15-month snapshot of housing market in Sacramento County as of July 2017.

While I did not expect to be named the #1 agent at Lyon Real Estate last month, it’s still gratifying to know the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is continuing to perform as a dominant force in the Sacramento housing market. I looked at the fact I spent a week visiting my sister in Minneapolis and a little over two weeks in Hawaii between June and July, but I never stop working regardless of where I may physically have been. That means the production we pumped out for July is pretty incredible, I suppose, given the circumstances. My team members were also visiting Europe, the East Coast and the Bay Area as well, so we all managed to get in a few trips while keeping track of Sacramento real estate. read more

Reviews Show Elizabeth Weintraub is a Top Listing Agent in Elk Grove

top listing agent in Elk Grove

This top listing agent in Elk Grove receives reviews that confirm performance.

A funny thing happened a few days ago to this top listing agent in Elk Grove. I had received a referral to a couple of sellers who were selling a home in Elk Grove owned by their parents. They wanted to know more about me, so I shared the fact I have sold hundreds of homes in Elk Grove. I’ve been in the business for 43 years, and they are unlikely to find another agent with such a unique track record. Lyon Real Estate has an office in Elk Grove, as well as 16 other offices throughout Sacramento. I am also not just a top listing agent in Elk Grove, in fact, I rank in the top agents in all of Sacramento County. read more

Nothing Says Luxury Like Chez Colonoscopy Camp at UC Davis Hospital

colonoscopy camp

Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub at Chez Colonoscopy Camp in Sacramento, California

When the marketing director at Lyon Real Estate called to ask if I would be available to receive a Lyon Top 3 Agent award at our celebration last month, my response was sure, as long as I’m not at Chez Colonoscopy Camp. She thought I was joking, comparing the awards celebration with a colonoscopy. Oh, no, a colonoscopy is slightly different, for one thing, there are drugs involved. I didn’t notice anybody snorting, smoking or shooting up at the Lyon Awards celebration.

I couldn’t recall offhand when I had made the appointment because the staff at UC Davis called when we were vacationing to see the migration of the butterflies in Mexico. Is this a good time, the nurse asked, when I was huffing and puffing it up the mountainside in the Sierra Madre Oriental. The only thing I wanted was the darned pill. They have a pill now so you don’t have to drink 4,000 ML of Gavilyte. Unfortunately, my doctor at Chez Colonoscopy Camp does not feel the pill is as effective. read more

Who is The Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown?

number one agent lyon real estate downtown

The Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown is Elizabeth Weintraub.

A team member reminded me this weekend that I have not yet blogged about who is the Number One Agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown. First, it helps to know that Lyon has almost 1,000 agents in the company. As if it’s not enough that this Sacramento Realtor has placed four times in the 3 top agents at Lyon Real Estate, she has also earned the top agent at Lyon Real Estate Downtown for the past 6 years straight. Of course you know I’m talking about myself. How quickly time passes by when you’re busy with Sacramento real estate. read more