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Why Elizabeth Weintraub Writes a Sacramento Real Estate Blog

sacramento real estate blog

Elizabeth Weintraub writes a daily Sacramento real estate blog.

When I share the fact that I’ve been writing a Sacramento real estate blog every day for going on 12 years now, it shocks people. They cannot believe that I would do it. Every day, I write a blog. Why? Because I believe I have something to say. Further, I’m opinionated as all hell. You ask me what I think and I’ll tell you. I might volunteer if you don’t ask. I have a ton of opinions. Who are those people who answer surveys without an opinion? When it’s yes, no, or I don’t know, they choose I don’t know. Why is that? read more

About Being a Sacramento REALTOR First

sacramento realtor

This Sacramento Realtor receives a lot of unsolicited mail at the office.

Because I write a daily Sacramento real estate blog, which often contains consumer awareness information, exposes criminal wrong doings, real estate scams and the slippery slope of masked intentions behind the ways some companies try to take advantage of Realtors, I seem to have built a fan base across the country as a compassionate Sacramento REALTOR who leads a double life as a consumer advocate. This means people send unsolicited letters and packages through the U.S. mail to my office, sometimes anonymously, like I’m going to take issue with other evil doings and write about it. read more

About Writing a Real Estate Blog

Purchase Agreement For HouseThe oddest thing I have discovered is that some people, and I won’t tell you who they are, binge-read my Sacramento real estate blog. They start by reading about a certain topic, must develop a curiosity about the forward and backward buttons, so they start clicking and they don’t stop. It becomes a marathon. A real estate blog reading marathon. Now, I have a hard time believing that any individual can be so interested in the inner workings of my twisted nature or that anybody could possess a sincere desire to learn more about how to prepare a home for sale that a person would devote so much time to my dribble, but it doesn’t mean they don’t do it. read more

For Whom Does This Sacramento Real Estate Agent Blog?

Sacramento real estate blogBlogging is not the same thing as journalism. I mean, you know that, and I know that, but a few years from now, none of the young ‘uns will know it. There are people today who think online is the only place to get their news. They wouldn’t dream of unfolding newsprint from the front porch. Still, that doesn’t stop people from writing and asking me to write in-depth pieces that suit their own purposes, all in the name of public information, mind you.

They preface it with because I have so many readers, it is my civic duty to inform. I could have a lot of readers if I decided to tag the public sidewalk. Doesn’t mean a tagger should be delivering messages from public or private servants. A tagger’s work is self expression, much like blogging. read more

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