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Affordable and Updated Del Paso Manor Home For Sale

Del Paso Manor Home

2416 Avalon Dr, Sacramento, Ca 95864 is offered by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The seller of this Del Paso Manor home has lived there for 22 years. This is a 1950 Lusk home, and you can see the small detailing that builders no longer do. Things like an angled corner in the hallway to make it easier to navigate mattresses around the corner, and slightly angled walls near the entrances to the bedrooms.

There is great pride of ownership evident. This is not a flipper. When a person loves his Del Paso Manor home, it shows. Sellers like this tend to take impeccable care and stick to maintenance schedules like clockwork. read more

New Gardenland Listing Looks Straight Outta Pottery Barn

gardenland listing

2808 American Av, Sacramento, CA 95833 is for sale at $259,000.

When I first visited this Gardenland listing in Sacramento, I kinda gave the seller a hard time about his home stager cousin. I asked him for the name of his company, asked whether the guy had ever been paid for home staging, drilled him about business cards, really questioned him thoroughly because I wasn’t certain his cousin would do an adequate job. I’m always a bit wary when sellers tell me they have family members who do real estate-related jobs because there are so many wannabes out there. read more

The Lowdown and Gritty Story of the Sacramento Housing Market

sacramento housing market

Sacramento housing market trends from Nov. 2015 through Jan. 2017 continue to reflect low inventory

Where is the Sacramento housing market headed? You might very well sing the answer. Where have all the houses gone, long time passing. Damn, if we couldn’t use a peace-loving force like Pete Seeger right now. I find it disturbing to read pieces by our trusted journalists because all of the articles are loaded with, well, news: Trump did this atrocious thing and Trump did this horrible thing and Trump did this other completely outrageous thing, and it’s disheartening, sad to the point of sobbing, miserable news. Lots of kudos, though, to those who are fighting the right fight, standing up, asking questions, demanding coherent answers, leading the way with progressive values. read more

CraigsList Rental Ad Scams Pull From Zillow

craigslist rental ad scams

Couple calling to check on a CraigsList rental ad scam, thinking it is real.

No matter how many times I flag the CraigsList rental ad scams, they pop right back. I suspect that’s because they might not be investigated. CraigsList immediately removes these types of ads. But the crooks just put them back. Makes you wonder whether the users’ IP is turned over to the FBI because it’s certainly an internet crime.

I have figured out where the CraigsList rental ad scams come from, though. That’s because some of the crooks probably do not speak English. The ad copy in those ads is pulled directly from Zillow. I know this because my marketing comments for Sacramento homes for sale in Zillow are slightly different than the marketing comments in MLS. And it is the Zillow comments that are verbatim in CraigsList. read more

Affordable Home for Sale in The Pocket of Sacramento

home for sale in the pocket

6985 Waterview Way in the Pocket is for sale at $349,000.

If you’re looking for an affordable home for sale in The Pocket on a quiet street with little through traffic, this Sacramento Realtor has an amazing gem for you. First and foremost, it is priced at $349,000, which is a price you can’t really beat for a home of this caliber, size and location. It’s not a misprint. But there is a reason for the price, and the reason is the home could use new flooring and paint.

Even though I stated exactly that in the marketing comments, I still received a few calls yesterday from agents asking why we didn’t disclose it was a cosmetic fixer. I don’t know what to say without sounding snarky about it. I mean, how hard is it to read: home needs flooring, paint and updates? I know my photography can make any home look beautiful, but I thought the photos were fairly straight-forward. read more