New Homes in Sacramento

This Smart Home in Natomas for Sale is Almost Brand New

smart home in natomas

You may fall in love this smart home in Natomas for its beautiful upgrades but you will absolutely adore the high-technology touches throughout. Much of the electrical is smart and can be operated from your cellphone such as the dimmer switches, smart prewiring for ceiling fans, all of the electrical switches, including the garage door. Lock it and go.

The home is also prewired for a security system. There is a video doorbell. 7:1 surround sound speaker installation in the living room, with two additional speakers located in the master suite. read more

Why Sacramento Apartment Buildings Are Springing Up All Over Town

sacramento apartment buildings

Because I drive all over the city to list homes for sale, I notice Sacramento apartment buildings being built throughout my travels. I can tell you the number of new apartment buildings seems to be increasing. For example, when building stopped in Elk Grove after the 2008 market crash, everybody just assumed that builders eventually would continue someday. What owners did not count on was the type of new construction. Goodbye single family, hello apartment buildings.

How would you like to have bought a home on, say, Donson Court in Elk Grove, that presented you with a lovely view of fields and nature? Then 10 years later, whammo, apartment buildings in your face, overshadowing your yard. read more

Solar Panels Mandatory by 2020 for All New California Homes

solar panels mandatory

The California Energy Commission adopted yesterday new energy efficient standards that will make solar panels mandatory by the year 2020 for all new residential construction. Not only will new California homes need to have solar panels installed by January 1, 2020, but the standards also affect insulation, ventilation and lighting. California leads the way as being first in the nation to require such improvements.

However, the first question is how much will it cost? The state says the new standards making solar panels mandatory, along with other energy improvements, will add about $9,500 to the cost of a new house. We are already in dire straits, desperately needing new construction. Inventory is so low. Our housing market needs a fresh boost, and this might not be it. They say adding these improvements and making solar panels mandatory will pay back $19,000 in saved maintenance and energy costs over 30 years. read more

How to Hedge if Interest Rates Increase When Building a Home

interest rates increase when building a home

If interest rates increase when building a home, buyers need to prepare.

Are you concerned about handling a situation in which interest rates increase when building a home? If not, you should be. Depending on where you are building a home in Sacramento, it could take 4 to 6 months (or longer) to finish building your home. What happens if interest rates increase when building a home? You could get socked with a much higher interest rate. The rate could be so high that it could disqualify you from buying a home. Or, put a severe crunch on your financial cash flow.

Last September, interest rates remained around 3.75%. Today, interest rates hover at about 4.30%+. Fact, every 1%  an interest rate rises loses a buyer about $25,000 of purchasing power. Some buyers do not understand the direct correlation between sales price purchasing power vs interest rates. However, you should keep interest rate fluctuation in mind when buying new construction. Also, think about how you’ve locked in the price of the home when you signed the purchase contract. Sales prices may go up but your pre-negotiated home price remains stable. read more

Tips for Relocating to Sacramento and Buying a Home

relocating to Sacramento

Relocating to Sacramento is hard enough without worrying about your Realtor.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Sacramento, you’ve definitely come to the right place. As a new buyer to the area, you owe it to yourself to find exclusive representation through a knowledgable agent. It’s a little bit harder than you would think to do it on your own. Further, there is no need to subject yourself to that kind of misery when you can align yourself with an expert for free. The problem is everybody and his uncle claims to be an expert in real estate. So, how can you tell if you’re talking with an agent who will make relocating to Sacramento easy and fun for you? read more

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