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Affordable and Updated Del Paso Manor Home For Sale

Del Paso Manor Home

2416 Avalon Dr, Sacramento, Ca 95864 is offered by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The seller of this Del Paso Manor home has lived there for 22 years. This is a 1950 Lusk home, and you can see the small detailing that builders no longer do. Things like an angled corner in the hallway to make it easier to navigate mattresses around the corner, and slightly angled walls near the entrances to the bedrooms.

There is great pride of ownership evident. This is not a flipper. When a person loves his Del Paso Manor home, it shows. Sellers like this tend to take impeccable care and stick to maintenance schedules like clockwork. read more

Sacramento Home Buyers and the Light Fixer

What is too much work for a first-time home buyer in Sacramento? I always follow up on my listings by emailing buyer’s agents after a showing. I thank them for showing my listing because I am grateful for their efforts. Also, I realize it’s tough being a buyer’s agent today. Buyer’s agents have to write a lot of offers and face a lot of rejection. When I ask buyer’s agents to tell me what their buyers thought of the home, sometimes they say their buyers felt the home required too much work. It makes me wonder how a buyer who has never owned a home before knows how much work it needs. Or, is the work required merely an overblown perception? read more