best real estate team in sacramento

A Behind the Scenes Peek at the Best Real Estate Team in Sacramento

best real estate team in sacramento

The best real estate team in Sacramento in our clients’ minds is the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

If you ask me, I will tell you the Elizabeth Weintraub Team is the best real estate team in Sacramento, because that’s what I believe and how our clients brag about us to their friends. We are not the biggest by any stretch but we close a large number of transactions every year, enough to surpass the dollar volume of many of the luxury agents selling $25 million or more — who also close fewer transactions than us. We buck the norm and accept everybody, small condo buyers to million-plus home sellers. There are only four of us, plus a transaction coordinator; we are all Realtors.

Our clients truly receive the most incredible service available. Our real estate practice is specialized and each client receives individual attention. I suspect there are a lot of agents who don’t really understand how a real estate team in Sacramento works, and that would include consumers as well. That’s probably because many teams work differently than the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. We are unique. Efficient. Competent. Professional. Experienced.

It was clear to me when I visited with a seller in Curtis Park a few days ago. The seller is also a buyer, presently in escrow to buy a home by utilizing the services of a team member on the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. That team member is Josh Amolsch, an agent who specializes in offering exclusive buyer’s agent services to our clients. The client gushed on and on about how fantastic Josh is, his steadfast dedication and humble approach, which obviously our clients find endearing.

Josh, I should add, is a genuine person, which is a requirement to be on our team. We share progressive values; it’s the best way to work together. We have each other’s backs and it shows in our interaction. He is extremely conscientious and always puts his client’s needs first, above his own — even when he might prefer to be snowboarding or playing lead guitar in his band, he loves real estate and takes his role seriously.

I also listened to the seller complain about the agent he used when he bought his present home in Curtis Park. He said the agent had a team and passed off all the work to the team, and did nothing to help him to buy the home and ignored all of his requests. I could not imagine running a team in that manner. This happened years ago and the guy is still ticked off at that agent. Can’t say I harbor much respect for the fellow, either. I last worked with that agent on a transaction and never once received any communication. But not every agent, even agents who spend thousands on billboards and bus bench advertising, care about client satisfaction.

The way our team works, I handle all of the listings. Listings are my specialty. I represent only sellers. I do not personally work with buyers. I am a listing specialist. Although I’ve been in the business for more than 40 years, it’s really been the last 10 years that have brought crystal clarity to how well I perform listing homes. That job as a Sacramento listing agent plays to all of my strengths, and I thoroughly enjoy representing sellers.

Working in real estate in one capacity as a listing agent or the other as a buyer’s agent is what many agents aspire to become but never quite reach that pinnacle, so I feel pretty special. I’d say fortunate but I’m not really lucky when I worked hard to achieve this status. This is how many agents dream real estate should be. When a seller needs to buy a home, I pair the client with the team member best suited for the seller’s personality and targeted area.

My team members work exclusively with buyers, as a buyer’s specialist. We have no conflicts of interest, unlike many other agents who practice dual representation, which we do not. When you perform a job over and over, you become pretty darn good at it, when you’re not trying to be all things to all people. Their sole job, day in and day out, is to show homes, write offers, negotiate repairs and close escrow. I could not be prouder of my affiliation with each.

I saw something some agent had written recently that implied she was “old school” because she gave individual attention to her clients, “unlike a team,” and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her “old school” is trying to be both a listing agent and a buyer’s agent at the same time, and probably double-ending the transaction by representing both the buyer and seller as well. Offering watered-down diluted services and bringing conflict of interests to the forefront, I imagine.

A real estate team in Sacramento like the Elizabeth Weintraub Team flourishes by concentrating entirely on the client and providing specialized services that few other teams provide in this manner. We run like a well-oiled machine. Clients would be hard pressed to find another listing agent who only works only with sellers or a group of buyer’s agents dedicated only to the buying end. It takes completely different approaches, skill sets and experience to do each of those jobs, which is why I predict we’re probably the wave of the future.

Years from now you probably won’t see individual agents trying to wear multiple hats in the real estate business. No jack of all trades in the business. Clients will become more sophisticated and demand separate services. You’ll have mainly only real estate teams, and we will still be here, striving continually to earn the trust and great reviews from our clients as the best real estate team in Sacramento.

I was one of the early adopters and pioneers of buyer broker agreements in the early 1980s when nobody knew what it was. Who knew back then buyers deserved to reserve services? I’m often ahead of the curve. If you’d like to hear more, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

Sacramento Real Estate Team Celebrates Friday at the Riverside Clubhouse

Sacramento Real Estate Team

Clockwise, Dan Tharp, Shaundra Bradley, Elizabeth Weintraub, Josh Amolsch, Amy McMullan and Kim Hedges.

Before I left for my Minneapolis trip last week, all of my Team Weintraub members got together for a Friday happy hour at Riverside Clubhouse in Land Park. The only thing I regret from the experience is that Barbara had to leave early and, as a result, was not included in the photographs we later shot. But what a blast for this Sacramento real estate team to meet for a couple of cocktails and dinner on a Friday. We often talk by phone, email and communicate through text, but meeting up with each other is a rare occurrence, to get us all together in one place.

The problem was the engagement was too rich, too full of laughter and sharing with each other that we didn’t think to take a photo earlier. I did that last week in Minneapolis. I was sitting in a bakery cafe at Bachman’s on Lyndale, visiting with Gary Lee Joyner, an old friend, extremely talented musician / artist. We had hitchhiked to Washington D.C. together in 1969, along with my girlfriend from Wayzata, to march against the war in Vietnam. I thought to shoot a picture of the Christmas decorations in the lobby of Bachman’s, but I never got a photo of the two of us, much less of him, even though it had momentarily crossed my mind. I was too focused on the conversation. The moment at hand.

Your work family is like family when you’re in Sacramento real estate. We all support each other and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I can go anywhere in the world and my Sacramento real estate team members will take care of business, and vice versa. We are not Paul Simon; we are not an island. We’re a group of veteran professionals committed to the core philosophy that our clients are the focus. We don’t want simply “satisfied” clients, we want our clients to be ecstatic and to find comfort in the fact that we will always go that extra mile for them.

Our Sacramento real estate team work does not fall through the cracks. We rarely make a mistake, probably because we’ve made so many decades ago as we learned the Sacramento real estate business, and we learn from our own mistakes. We don’t want to repeat a mistake twice because that’s idiotic.

I hand-picked the members of my team because they show the same work ethic and dedication to excellence that I see in myself. We are similar stock, although we come from all walks of life and bridge generations. If you are hoping to buy or sell a home in the four-county area of Sacramento, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. You’ll get a Sacramento real estate team to support your transaction, along with a top ranking Sacramento Realtor.

WSJ, Trulia and Zillow List Best Real Estate Agents in America

best agents in america

Best Real Estate Agents in America for 2015

The purpose behind the Real Trends 1000 List of Best Real Estate Agents in America is to sell crap to the agents on the list. Being named to this list means I will endure yet another year of harassment and haranguing from manufacturers who want to make me a plaque to celebrate my accomplishments and charge me an enormous sum for the privilege of hanging the ugly thing on my wall so our 3 cats can shoot spitballs at it. Real Trends will also sell my name to thousands of spammers. It’s the price of success, and it sorta sucks. Still, it also means the Elizabeth Weintraub Team ranks #7 in the Sacramento region, which is impressive, I suppose.

Real Trends now works in collaboration with the Wall Street Journal, Zillow and Trulia. Every year they put out a list of the best agents in America.

A couple of new clients called yesterday to request help with Sacramento real estate, people who probably did not know this list exists yet called me anyway. One was a buyer who said he had previously worked with a team in Nevada and was thrilled with the results. Because it’s difficult for one person to be in 10 places at the same time unless that person has a team for support. He gets it. He understands why working a team is the way to go. Happy-as-clam clients, that’s what we strive for. Clients for whom we strive to meet every need. Instantly.

This buyer wants to move his family to either Curtis Park or East Sacramento, probably with a more dedicated focus on homes in Land Park. Those neighborhoods happen to be my specialty. I live in Land Park. He hit the jackpot with us. I personally match buyers to team members who possess intimate knowledge, and we work together to make magic happen.

He knows the benefits of working with a team in Sacramento, so one less thing to explain. It doesn’t cost extra to get a team to work for you, either.

Another client, a seller with a home in Natomas, called to talk about sales strategy and market conditions. She wants me to list her home in Natomas as soon as the tenant moves out next month. She found me online and read my reviews. She gets it. As a natural course of progression in these types of conversations, she asked how much I charge, and I explained my standard fee that has remained unchanged over the past 40 years. Then, I went one step further to justify and to explain that she can find some cheap-ass agent, and she cut me off right there.

Said she’s been down that road with an agent who would cut the commission, and she does NOT want to work with a discount agent. I don’t blame her. She understands the value full-service agents bring, and knows the entire transaction will be smoother and she’ll make more money with an agent who is full service. And she’s absolutely right. I love working with smart people.

While my team and I are honored to be on the list of the best real estate agents in America, we much prefer focusing on clients and making them happy. I work with my sellers one-on-one by providing personalized and customized service. My sellers enjoy the privilege of sole access to me. I handle the listings and my team shows homes. That’s what sustains a successful Sacramento real estate business year after year. Not the top 1000 list of best agents.

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