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The Tomato Juice vs Clamato Juice Battle

tomato juice vs clamato juice

How was I to know I would find myself in the middle of a tomato juice vs clamato juice debauchery, the innate destruction of human nature? Personally, I think clamato is one of the most disgusting juices on the market today, and I don’t know any aficionados. But I have figured out how they manage to sell clamato. They confuse you. It’s witchery. They stick all of the tomato based juices together. If the tomato juice was nestled next to apple juice, you would never pick up a bottle of V8 by mistake. read more

Sac Beer Week Celebrated at Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway

selland's market cafe

Pastrami is not a thing I long for, do not dream about, never buy at the grocery store, but it was our intended purpose yesterday to visit Selland’s Market Cafe on Broadway in Land Park and consume pastrami. Man, I remember when Selland first put out reports that it would build another Kitchen in that location on 10th and Broadway. We were so excited. That’s one of our favorite restaurants, and the only reason we don’t go there more often is it’s a hassle to get a reservation and a longer ways to drive. read more

Isle of Dogs and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band at Tower Theatre

Isle of Dogs

All righty then, I admit the draw to Tower Theatre to see Wes Anderson’s new stop-motion animated movie Isle of Dogs was the music from a 1967 album by the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. I heard the song “I Won’t Hurt You” from the movie trailer, and it immediately transported me to a head shop with a back room on the corner of Lake and Nicollet in Minneapolis called Psychedelia. While in high school, I used to hang out in the back room at Psychedelia. It was a dark room studded by blacklights illuminating pop art posters. Kids sat on the floor and grooved out to piped-in music. read more

Lunch at the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii

lunch at university of nations kona

Darn, I wish I had shot a photograph of the large outdoor cafeteria when I went to lunch at the University of Nations in Kona, Hawaii. But not enough light under the tall roof. It seemed at least 5 stories high. The space for lunch holds hundreds of people, maybe thousands of people. And the positioning of the dining space is such that a strong breeze whips through the area, cooling off even the hottest days. Not to mention, the view of the ocean is hard to beat.

I’ve never been to University of Nations, never even heard of it before I met the couple who sold us their house in Hawaii, P &G. They are missionaries from Canada who volunteer at University of Nations. This outfit works in conjunction with Youth With a Mission with outposts all over the world. The school, which began in 1978, is private with a strong focus on the beliefs of Christianity. read more

Thai Farm House on Broadway and Riverside in Sacramento

Thai Farm House

Ba Mee Keaw soup at Thai Farm House

Taking a nap sounded like a better idea than going to visit the new restaurant, Thai Farm House, but my stomach began to argue. Besides, it was cold outside. In the 50s. I would have preferred to cuddle up with a good computer game like Alphabear and then quietly nod off into oblivion. But my stomach agreed with my husband. We should go out for lunch.

The restaurant is relatively new and took over a spot in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Broadway and Riverside where once L&L Hawaiian Barbecue operated. Maybe this part of Sacramento doesn’t present enough demand for a fast-food Hawaiian joint. This area is comprised of Upper Land Park and Southside Park, a part of Sacramento in which our Asian population still makes up a large percentage. Plus, the Buddhist Church is just around the corner. read more

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