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The Waterboy is a Great Spot for Steak

The waterboy

One of my favorite restaurants in Sacramento is The Waterboy. I’m not alone in that opinion. Many Sacramentans love The Waterboy. What’s not to love? Creative yet traditional cuisine, local ingredients, great wine selection, excellent service and convenient location in Midtown. I’m also a big fan of plush seats, and not every restaurant offers comfy bench seating like The Waterboy.

The abundance of glass windows provide a superb view of 20th Street and Capitol Avenue. Lights from other buildings and traffic twinkle. People mill about in the streets after dark. Midtown Sacramento comes alive when the sun goes down. I should mention that Chef / Owner Rick Mahan also does an excellent job over at OneSpeed Pizza in East Sac, but The Waterboy was here first. read more

The Waterboy is a Great Spot for Steak

Mamma Mia! at the Aloha Theatre

mamma mia at the aloha theatre

OMG this was a fantastic performance of Mamma Mia! at the Aloha Theatre on Sunday. Blown away. The woman who introduced the musical from the stage said it was the most highly grossing musical ever in the history of the Aloha Theatre, which is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit established in 2004. I thought I enjoyed the Addams Family Musical, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this production.

The guy who played Uncle Fester in the Addams Family, Miguel Montez, had the role of Sam Carmichael in Mamma Mia! at the Aloha Theatre. What a beautiful voice. So many great performances. From Amanda Trusty (Donna) who belted the number The Winner Takes It All to such extremes audience members high-fived each other, to the adorable Pepper character (and an audience favorite), Christian Aragon, a sophomore at Konawaena High School, the performances were incredible, outstanding. read more

Mamma Mia! at the Aloha Theatre

Lunch at the Aloha Vista Bar and Grill at Keauhou

aloha vista bar and grill

At Aloha Vista Bar and Grill, you might initially come for the view, but you will come back for the food. Wish I could say the same thing about the interior of the restaurant, but that would be only my suggestion for improvement: to beef up the atmosphere. Makes you want to stuff your face and leave, not hang out and order another drink.

For a Kona Country Club restaurant on a golf course, the Aloha Vista Bar and Grill lacks ambiance. When I first poked my head inside, I thought maybe it was a cocktail lounge and had to ask if we could get lunch. It looks like a high school cafeteria. But perhaps I was disappointed because I had it in my head to expect so much more. It is nothing like the golf course restaurant at the Four Seasons in Lanai; that place is plush. So you can’t blame the interior on “well, it is Hawaii.” read more

Lunch at the Aloha Vista Bar and Grill at Keauhou

Hawaii Avocado Festival in Kona

Hawaii avocado Festival

If you look closely at this photo of the action at the avocado booth at the 13th Hawaii Avocado Festival, you will see Avocado Man. He is in the back behind the juicer wearing an avocado costume. At first blush, my friend Linda thought he was having a medical problem; whereas I thought he was carrying a baby in a knapsack. But it was just an avocado costume with the seed in the center.

We are not accustomed to staring at half avocados because it is only the whole avocados you generally see. Except a whole avocado is not a terribly attractive outfit. read more

Hawai’i Sharwil Avocados are Shockingly Addictive

sharwil avocados

Where have I been that I have not eaten a Sharwil avocado? Oh, right, in Sacramento, with my nose to the grindstone selling Sacramento real estate. OMG, the Sharwil avocado is a most delicious avocado, sweet, firm and filling. From the first taste, I was absolutely hooked.

A friend gave me a Sharwil avocado that she received from another friend in Kona who harvests a number of Sharwil avocado trees in her yard. Guess they were dropping left and right so she gathered up the avocados and dropped them off at friends’ houses. Unlike the dreaded summer zucchini harvest in Sacramento, when neighbors drop bags of zucchini on your front step, ring the door bell and run, these are a sought-after delicacy. read more

Hawai’i Sharwil Avocados are Shockingly Addictive
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