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Are You Struggling to Buy a Home in Sacramento?

Couple Buying HouseTeam Weintraub is kicking butt and taking names this month. We always do well in Sacramento real estate, but it’s refreshing and even more exciting to excel in a market that is tougher than nails at the moment. It’s super hard to buy a home in Sacramento during a seller’s market. Especially when we have so many buyers vying for the same listings. But the Elizabeth Weintraub Team seems to possess the knack, the expertise and, honestly, just the good fortune, I suspect, to be winning multiple-offer situations.

Part of this could be because we know what is important to sellers and we give it to them via the offers we write for our buyers. We know how to satisfy what sellers want. The reason we know this little fact is because I personally list and sell a ton of homes in the Sacramento area, and I freely share seller expectations with my Team Weintraub members. When you know what sellers want, you know how to write a purchase offer that will give the buyer an edge over all of the other buyers. Plus, everybody knows we perform on our word. We are accountable for our actions.

It also helps to know what a strong listing agent expects, and it starts with a clean offer. No missing pieces, I’s dotted, initials in place, earnest money deposit, proof of funds, and a preapproval letter — not from some fly-by-night place. I swear, the other day I hear from a mortgage broker that his buyer who is about to close escrow has had a short sale a short time ago and now can’t qualify for a conventional loan. Well, I’ve got news for ya buddy, the buyer never could qualify for a conventional loan under those circumstances and that question should have been asked in the interview / application process and, if it was, you should have known Freddie Mac would require seasoning on those gift funds. Ack.

The offer should also be submitted to the listing agent within the time frame for acceptance. Some agents openly invite multiple offers by specifying a time for offer presentation in MLS, but that’s not a practice this Sacramento Realtor endorses because it turns off some agents and buyers. Not everybody is competitive nor enjoys competition like some of us, and I’m not naming any particular name here like myself; but the point is I don’t want to discourage any buyers from writing an offer on my listings. Besides, nothing looks goofier than touting all offers will be presented on Sunday and here it is two weeks later and the home is still for sale.

Every first-time home buyer has a chance to buy a home in Sacramento, even in a multiple-offer situation. The mindset is not to think about all of the other offers and focus solely on what you are able to do. If you want to buy a home and to align yourself with an experienced real estate team like the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, then give us a jingle at 916.233.6759.


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