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Best Tip for Winning the Offer in Today’s Sacramento Housing Market

winning the offer

Winning the offer to buy a home in Sacramento does not need to be overly complicated.

When I see buyers winning the offer in today’s housing market in Sacramento, it’s generally because they have done one simple thing. And I often share this one simple thing with their buyer’s agent when they call to ask if I have any offers. It’s as though they don’t want to write an offer until I do have an offer. Every buyer’s agent pretty much is trying to get “a deal” for their buyers when they should be worried about getting their buyer into escrow, period. It’s hard right now to buy a home in Sacramento. Don’t make it any harder than it needs to be. read more

When Does a Sacramento Realtor Present Offers?

present offers

The answer to when does a listing agent present offers should be as soon as possible.

Real estate agents often ask me: when do you present offers? Oh, I dunno, the third Thursday of every month? I don’t really understand that question. I’m not a lady who does lunch. I’m a Sacramento Realtor who sells an absurd number of homes every year throughout Sacramento. In fact, I resent the term lady since it infers that I am to live up to somebody else’s expectations of how I should behave, and I don’t always feel like being a lady. The business doesn’t always call for it. Life doesn’t always call for it. read more

Why Overpricing Does Not Encourage Buyers to Negotiate


Buyers don’t want to make an offer when sellers insist on overpricing.

Overpricing doesn’t matter to some home sellers in Sacramento because sellers who knowingly overprice a home often have a hard time putting themselves into the shoes of a home buyer. No matter how much they try to squeeze size 10 1/2 feet into those size 9 shoes, they are still walking in the shoes of a seller. They make decisions as a seller and hope a buyer will see things the same way, when buyers do not.

When I talk with sellers about overpricing and why they need to reduce the price to a point where a buyer will make an offer, they’ll fallback on an old wive’s tale, which is not true. They will say, but a buyer can just make an offer, right? Any offer, and I will negotiate. They know that right? read more

Never Let Them Tell You No When the Answer Should be Yes

never let them tell you no

Never let them tell you no, especially when you know they do not care.

Never let them tell you no. Although my husband may disagree with what I’m about to say, that’s his prerogative, but I think of myself as a pretty easy-going and mostly unfazed person. It takes a lot to rile me up. Like most people, I suppose, I do get my knickers into a twist when I’m dealing with unethical behavior, injustice or discrimination. But lousy customer service, hey, I live in California, so I’ve pretty much comes to terms with the fact that we have too many people to serve and underpaid / untrained staff to adequately serve consumers. read more

Negotiating Your Offer in Sacramento

Negotiating your offer

Negotiating your offer in Sacramento is easier if you discuss strategy with your agent.

You will call it negotiating your offer in Sacramento, but the seller will call it justifying your lowball. Tomat-O, tomaTOE. I spot all sorts of offers to buy a home come across my desktop. The offers are accompanied by all kinds of reasons, too, but most of those “justifications” are inconsequential. In some ways, it would probably be better for a buyer’s agent not to supply any justification at all. They could just tell the truth. They could say my buyer just wants a discount. But that’s too novel of a concept. That’s not negotiating your offer in many people’s minds. read more

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