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Why Real Estate Teams Are Hot for Sacramento Home Buyers

elizabeth weintraub team

Clockwise from top: Victoria, Josh, Dianne, Barbara, Elizabeth, Shaundra

When I first started working at Lyon Real Estate, I had considered joining a team because it seemed like the way to go. I was new in town and didn’t know a soul. Fortunately, the manager of the office steered me in the right direction. She said, no, no, no, Elizabeth, you do not belong on a team, and being a team member would drive you nuts. If anything, you need to head a team, be a team leader. I wasn’t sure what that meant back then, but boy, I sure do today.

I don’t recall exactly when I started my team, either. It just sorta happened, in an organic way, and it has evolved into the Elizabeth Weintraub Team that our clients love. We put our clients first. I know that sounds hokey to some of you, and some of you are probably heckling under your breath, saying, yeah, right, but it is true.

Working as a team means a client always has representation. It means as a home buyer, for example, a client has at least two agents at all times working for her or him. My stellar team members, Barbara Dow, Josh Amolsch and Dianne Slutsky, work independently and they work together as a team and they work with me. We strategize together. When it’s time to write an offer, we put our heads together and come up with a plan. Barbara, Josh and Dianne for example, might all have an idea that did not occur to me and vice versa.

The focus of this real estate team is to make sure our buyers win the home they want and that our sellers get top dollar. We respond immediately. If you call one of us, and we’re on the other line, we call you right back. If you send us a text, we respond. If you email, we mail you. If a team member is with another client and cannot talk at the moment, and you need an answer NOW, you are free to call me at all times or another team member.

Home buyers and sellers can’t get this kind of service from a single agent because it’s impossible. But a real estate team can give it to you. You might have to try us to believe it. We work to exceed your expectations. Real estate teams are the wave of the future. Call the Elizabeth Weintraub Team at 916.233.6759.

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