benefits to selling a home with a team

Why Real Estate Teams Are Hot for Sacramento Home Buyers

elizabeth weintraub team

Clockwise from top: Victoria, Josh, Dianne, Barbara, Elizabeth, Shaundra

When I first started working at Lyon Real Estate, I had considered joining a team because it seemed like the way to go. I was new in town and didn’t know a soul. Fortunately, the manager of the office steered me in the right direction. She said, no, no, no, Elizabeth, you do not belong on a team, and being a team member would drive you nuts. If anything, you need to head a team, be a team leader. I wasn’t sure what that meant back then, but boy, I sure do today.

I don’t recall exactly when I started my team, either. It just sorta happened, in an organic way, and it has evolved into the Elizabeth Weintraub Team that our clients love. We put our clients first. I know that sounds hokey to some of you, and some of you are probably heckling under your breath, saying, yeah, right, but it is true. read more

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