Strong Sacramento Listing Agents vs Conflict Avoiders


Flamepoint Ragdoll cat

Jackson looks like a tough cat, but he is a meek and timid soul, like some real estate agents

The thing I’ve noticed most about moving toward the age of 64 is not so much removing the ear worm stuck in my head of will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64 — which I strongly suspect was a clueless image Paul McCartney conjured when he wrote it in his teens because you’re too young to tie your shoes at that age — nope, what I’ve noticed is it’s the growing non-acceptance of crap. Well, honestly, I’ve always been a no-crap taker, but getting older has absolutely strengthened that trait, given it stronger legs, more spunk. That’s the benefit of aging for many of us.

I am definitely in the category of strong Sacramento listing agents. I am also a top producer who ranks in the top 10 agents in Sacramento.

After 40-some years in this business, when I tell somebody it’s the principle, you better believe it’s the principle. It’s not the money. It’s not the time involved nor the effort. It’s the principle. It’s the conviction. It’s also eliminating the consequences a lesser action of conflict avoidance could produce.

I realize there are a ton of people in the world who routinely avoid conflict. They will do anything to avoid conflict. My cat, Jackson, the ragdoll, is such a good example of conflict avoidance. He will starve to death rather than push another cat’s face out of his bowl when he’s eating. He just steps away and lets another cat eat all of his food.

Some Sacramento listing agents are like that. When they receive, let’s say, an unreasonable request from a buyer, their sole focus is closing the transaction, and they don’t want to push back. They want to do things the easy way. They might suggest to the seller there is no other choice but to accept the buyer’s demand. To rollover and take it. Low appraisal? Their advice is just eat it; don’t push back.

Often — and I hate to point this out except that I’m right — these sorry situations involve the timid, zero push-back, mousy brand of agents who are Sacramento listing agents who have discounted their commission. These guys can’t even stand up for their own paycheck, why does a seller think they will fight for them?

When a seller is paying me for representation as her full-service Sacramento Realtor, I do what is best for the seller, which also happens to fall in line with my nature. My nature is to fight for the principle and for the principal through successful negotiations that produce results my sellers expect. It’s a lot more work but it’s the right thing to do. No question about it.

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