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Are Double-Ending Listing Agents Bad News for Sacramento Sellers?

double ending listing agents

Double ending listing agents tend to cost the seller money.

Double-ending listing agents have been around since I started in the business in the early 1970s. They are still in the business today. Whether they will survive the real estate shake-up in the future, like 10 to 15 years from now, is doubtful. The reason I think they’ll eventually vanish is because they are a bad idea to start with. Time will only make them worse. I also believe sellers are becoming more sophisticated. They are wising up.

Although, at least in Sacramento, double-ending listing agents happens fewer times than one might think. It’s just not all that common. read more

Strong Sacramento Listing Agents vs Conflict Avoiders

Flamepoint Ragdoll cat

Jackson looks like a tough cat, but he is a meek and timid soul, like some real estate agents

The thing I’ve noticed most about moving toward the age of 64 is not so much removing the ear worm stuck in my head of will you still need me, will you still feed me when I’m 64 — which I strongly suspect was a clueless image Paul McCartney conjured when he wrote it in his teens because you’re too young to tie your shoes at that age — nope, what I’ve noticed is it’s the growing non-acceptance of crap. Well, honestly, I’ve always been a no-crap taker, but getting older has absolutely strengthened that trait, given it stronger legs, more spunk. That’s the benefit of aging for many of us. read more

Sellers Who Don’t Need One of the Best Sacramento Realtors

sacramento real estate agentIf you’re looking for the one of the best Sacramento Realtors, odds are you can find a few by doing an online search. But just because the agent helps with staging or pricing and you list the home yourself or with a friend, does not mean you’ve got the services of one of the best Sacramento Realtors. You only got part of the story and not the entire package.

A former client relayed to me this morning that she did not realize some real estate agents will work for dirt cheap, and that the job to sell a home is so incredibly easy that she doesn’t really need to hire the best Sacramento Realtor. Although, she did add that when she’s ready to sell her more expensive home in East Sacramento, she will definitely hire me. Because she wants the best. read more

Do Sacramento Agents Discount Real Estate Commissions?

home buying sacramentoJust because a real estate commission is negotiable doesn’t mean I am willing to cut a deal for a stranger. Heck, I don’t even make deals for friends because I don’t have any friends selling real estate in Sacramento. But even if I did, they would still pay me for my services. Real estate commissions must be negotiable in order to comply with the Sherman Act, but it doesn’t mean a real estate agent needs to offer a discounted commission. Yes, you can negotiate with this Sacramento real estate agent, and I’ll cut right to the chase here, my answer is no. read more

Turning a Rejected Offer into an Accepted Purchase Offer

Approve Reject Computer Keys Showing Accept Or DeclineThe thing with being unequivocally direct with people is they might think you have *Asperger Syndrome when you don’t. I suspect many successful Sacramento real estate agents display a bit of those symptoms, so it might not be as unusual as one may suspect. Symptoms such as extreme focus on the job at hand, set rituals and methods of doing things, on top of leaving people to sort out the fact that you just hit them between the eyes with the direct truth, can leave others somewhat puzzled. Not everybody appreciates candor. read more

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