How to Sell a Home in Sacramento Fast and Close Under 30 Days

Sacramento RealtorA seller who lived a ways north of downtown Sac called last month to say he needed to sell a home in Sacramento fast, because he had just accepted an unexpected job transfer and had to move across country in 30 days. I love challenges and thrive on those types of opportunities. This couple had purchased the home a few years ago as a bank-owned home and were worried about disclosures and condition. They also were located in a small pocket of newer homes, nestled in a subdivision just down the street from what Bob Dylan might call Desolation Row.

As with any potential listing, I point out the positives and I don’t gloss over the negatives with my sellers. Both carry weight with a buyer, and sellers need to look at the sale of their home from the eyes of a buyer because that’s how homes sell. Sometimes sellers are worried about the tiniest things that carry no consequences of sale, and sometimes they overlook the major things that are really a big, big deal. That’s where a veteran Sacramento real estate agent can be a huge help. I share what sellers need to do and what they don’t need to do.

What these guys needed to do was clean up the house and keep it tidy. Mow the lawn. Clean out a few pieces of furniture. No repairs, no fixing anything except one loose cabinet door in the master bath that required a screwdriver to straighten up. Then, cooperate with showings, no matter how crazy it made them for a week.

We discussed the comparable sales, all of which were pretty much brand new homes. Their home was resale, older. Big difference. However, there wasn’t much on the market, either, and they had desirable factors such as four bedrooms and it was a sought-after single story. They priced it at the hottest price point in Sacramento for this type of home, and we let the market dictate.

The market responded favorably. I personally contacted every buyer’s agent after a showing. We received many offers and accepted the offer from the strongest buyer at the strongest price, which wasn’t necessarily the highest price, but it was 5% over list price and in line with the new home sales. We held our breath as I talked with the buyer’s appraiser and whammo, the appraisal came in at the sales price. You couldn’t ask for anything better than this.

Probably the best part was the home sold and closed in fewer than 30 days, even with marketing time. The buyer’s lender was able to quickly perform. The seller signed their escrow documents while packing in the convenience of their own home. As they drove across country through the cornfields of the Midwest, a wire transfer deposited the proceeds of sale into their banking account. The seller texted: “You are the best; we will never forget what you have done for us.” Peace of mind is priceless. But money helps.

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