Why Condition Matters When Selling Sacramento Real Estate

Motivated-Seller.300x229Condition of property is one of the big three elements when selling Sacramento real estate— or any home in the Sacramento seven-county region — but it’s often overlooked or dismissed by sellers. They get used to their house the way it is. They might say something like, “Oh, we’ll let the buyer take care of that issue.” Unless the house is pretty much a tear down, or needs such extensive work that we call it a fixer home, a home buyer will not do those repairs / corrective work. End of story. Only an investor will buy that kind of home today. And investors aren’t paying full price this spring.

The three key elements for selling a home in Sacramento are:

  • Location
  • Condition
  • Price

You can have a great price at market value that would apply to a turnkey home in a fabulous sought-after neighborhood, and it still won’t sell because the home is not fixed up. You can have a great price for a good location and a home in move-in condition, and the home won’t sell if it’s located in a bad place like under a freeway or next-door to an apartment building.

If the home needs major work, you should just do the work before putting that home on the market or else adjust the sales price accordingly. If the home is located in a bad location, your sales price also has has to come down and be adjusted for that location. You can’t get top dollar for a beautiful home in a bad location. You can’t get top dollar for a fixer home regardless of its great location.

These are the rules of real estate. I don’t make them up. These rules are not something this Sacramento real estate agent has plucked out of thin air or can bend at will but that’s the way some people react to the news.

The only way you’re getting top market value for your home is if that home has a great location and is in top condition. You need all three elements to command the top of the market, even in a seller’s market.

Buyers want a turnkey home in a good location, and they don’t want to do any work. If you’ve got ugly carpet, you need to replace it or be prepared to be hit with a lowball offer that will far exceed the cost of replacing that carpet.

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