pricing a home in sacramento

Tips for Picking an Asking Price for a House in Sacramento

Picking an asking price for a house

Picking an asking price for a house in Sacramento starts with statistics.

Do you want to talk about picking an asking price for your house in Sacramento, or would you like to start by asking me questions? That’s how I opened my meeting with two potential sellers I met with yesterday at my office. My meetings with sellers are client-centric. My goals are their goals. Further, ordinarily, I do not go into the office on Saturdays and work from my home office, but sometimes I am working with sellers who live out of town and can only drive into Sacramento on the weekend, so I do my best to accommodate. My gut instincts told me this couple seemed a bit unsure of how the meeting with a Sacramento Realtor would commence, and I don’t do “canned” listing presentations. Hence, the question. read more

Why Condition Matters When Selling Sacramento Real Estate

Motivated-Seller.300x229Condition of property is one of the big three elements when selling Sacramento real estate— or any home in the Sacramento seven-county region — but it’s often overlooked or dismissed by sellers. They get used to their house the way it is. They might say something like, “Oh, we’ll let the buyer take care of that issue.” Unless the house is pretty much a tear down, or needs such extensive work that we call it a fixer home, a home buyer will not do those repairs / corrective work. End of story. Only an investor will buy that kind of home today. And investors aren’t paying full price this spring. read more

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