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Improved Price for Woodsy Fair Oaks Pool Home on Acreage

woodsy Fair oaks pool home on acreage

As you turn onto Hillcrest heading to this woodsy Fair Oaks pool home on acreage, you will notice a stable for boarding horses. Many homes in Fair Oaks have horses; according to code one needs a minimum of 22,000 square feet for a horse. This particular home is situated on more than an acre at 1.37 acres, which is the equivalent of 59,677 square feet. Although some of the land is sloped. And let’s not forget there is a pool. Do horses swim? What would you do if a horse got into the pool? See, I do not know. Does Bojack Horseman know things? Ha. Besides, chlorine is probably not good for a horse’s coat, but having limited interaction with horses, I am not a person to ask about equine species.

However, if you want to know about buying a woodsy Fair Oaks pool home on acreage, I most certainly am the person to ask. As a Realtor who has lived through more than four decades of real estate, I am perhaps uniquely qualified. In fact, I was over at Mueller Animal Hospital on Saturday with Jackson our ragdoll. The doctor looked at the carrier with my business card taped to it, and said, “Oh, I have seen your signs around town.” Mentioning she knew that name from somewhere. Jackson has experienced a bit of distress that has been really persistent; nothing that $250 and medication can’t remedy.

One of the most unique features of this woodsy Fair Oaks pool home acreage is its location. Situated at the end of a country cul-de-sac. Very quiet. From Fair Oaks Blvd, you pass by mansions driving down Hillcrest until you come to rest at the top of the driveway. What you immediately spot is an authentic mid-century home, featuring walls of glass, nestled in a forest. There are 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and dual master suites of similar sizes at opposite ends of the house. Making it a perfect multi-generational set up.

The sellers hauled in yards of soil to prepare the land for the pool, which is visible from many rooms. Sometimes baby Western Screech owls live nearby, and deer wander into the yard to rest in a sunny spot. If you want your home surrounded by nature, trees and wildlife, this is the home for you! Just listen to the wind whistle through the treetops and you hear nothing else except an occasional hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo. Those baby owls are just too cute.

Woodsy Fair oaks pool home on acreage

Come to our open house on Sunday, October 7, 2018, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Hosted by the incredible Barbara Dow from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, 916.761.7398. 4700 Lakeside Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95608 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at a new and improved price of $895,000.

The information in this advertisement, including, but not limited to, square footage and/or acreage, has been provided by various sources which may include the Seller, the Multiple Listing Service or other sources. Lyon Real Estate has not and will not investigate or verify the accuracy of this information. Prospective buyers are advised to conduct their own investigation of the Property and this advertised information utilizing appropriate professionals before purchasing this Property.

Stunning and Secluded Fair Oaks Pool Home on Acreage

fair oaks pool home

Everybody likes to call their home stunning, but this Fair Oaks pool home really fits that description. It’s a house of angles and very spacious, all single-level. Beautifully laid out to capture views of wildlife from every room.

Two master suites at opposite ends of the house provides privacy for multi-generational families. Plus, no need to worry about climbing any stairs.

fair oaks pool home

Look at the mix of design elements in the huge family room. Vaulted ceilings attach to a beam, offset by sets of skylights. The walls are either wood or glass. Brings the outdoors inside. Only things missing are deer scampering through the living room. There are baby Western Screech Owls in the trees, though.

fair oaks pool home

Engineered wood floors throughout the dining room and kitchen. More angles with vaulted wood ceilings too. Plenty of storage space, including a sound system closet. What a space for a family gathering over the holidays!

fair oaks pool home

Sparkling white kitchen is sure to delight even the fussiest cooks. Gas cook top, stainless appliances, and a tri-level reglazed sink features an in-sinkerator, probably from 1967 when this Fair Oaks pool home was built, and a newer pre-rinse pull-out faucet. Copper range hood over the cooktop wraps around the corner.

fair oaks pool home

This is the first master suite at the far left-side of the home. It features high curved ceiling, recessed lighting and a ceiling fan. Allows a fabulous view of the pool and a deck. There are many deck areas as well.

fair oaks pool home

One of the master suite baths, upgraded with Travertine tile and large dressing area. A skylight also brings in light, along with recessed lighting.

fair oaks pool home

Our new listing, the Fair Oaks pool home features 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and, according to the Sacramento County Recorder, boasts more than 3,400 square feet. The sellers have prepared every inch of this home for sale. It is simply immaculate.

fair oaks pool home

Western screech owl at Lakeside, by M. Marin.


Maybe you will be lucky enough to spot baby owls in the trees. This is a Western Screech Owl photographed on the property when the baby owls were born. You also will see deer and baby turkeys this time of year. The home is situated on 1.37 acres at the end of a cul-de-sac. Very private location.

Why not come to our open house on Sunday, August 5th, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM? The open house is hosted by the incredible Barbara Dow from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. You can call Barbara for a private showing at 916.761.7398.

4700 Lakeside Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at $925K. If you can’t wait for the open house, why not check out the virtual tour here. Twice as many photos as in MLS.


The information in this advertisement, including, but not limited to, square footage and/or acreage, has been provided by various sources which may include the Seller, the Multiple Listing Service or other sources. Lyon Real Estate has not and will not investigate or verify the accuracy of this information. Prospective buyers are advised to conduct their own investigation of the Property and this advertised information utilizing appropriate professionals before purchasing this Property.

Elizabeth Weintraub

A Short Sale Home in Fair Oaks with Two Loans Closed Fast

wild chickens in sacramento and molokaiAs I drove away from my closed listing of a short sale home in Fair Oaks yesterday, I wondered why I picked up the Supra lockbox. It’s not like I can use the lockbox for anything ever again now that MetroList has rescinded its agreement to allow us to continue using our Supra lockboxes until they die. I had more than 70 lockboxes and did not exchange them all in the rip-off 2 for 1 Supra lockbox exchange because MetroList promised we could keep them. Which means now I have about 40 lockboxes rolling around in my trunk that are useless because MetroList backpedaled.

Well, I do know why I picked it up. I retrieved my lockbox because I owed it to the new buyer of that home in Fair Oaks to retrieve. Because I have a responsibility to my profession. We, Fair Oaks Realtors don’t go around leaving our personal property attached to homes in Fair Oaks, even if it’s useless to us. I wonder, though, how many agents will just leave their lockboxes? You know how some agents are.

Homeowners can thank MetroList for all those abandoned lockboxes that I predict will be happening throughout Sacramento.

The home in Fair Oaks that just closed was a short sale I had listed in MLS on May 15th. It was a Fannie Mae short sale; Seterus was the servicer for Fannie Mae, and I’ve closed hundreds of short sales since 2006, which means I have knowledge other agents do not. One of the things I know about Fannie Mae is it does not want to see any offer prior to 5 days on the market, with at least 2 of those days the weekend. Makes sense, Fannie Mae expects decent exposure on the market, no side deals. I also have an account at Fannie Mae’s portal that keeps me up-to-date on new rules and where I expedite my short sales.

We had multiple offers, too, and chose the buyer most likely to wait for approval, which is the buyer whose agent is cooperative and submits the offer the way we need it submitted for approval. You’d be amazed how many agents contest what is actually in their best interest and their client’s best interest, but what can I say?

Come August 15th, 3 months later, we had closed escrow, and there were two loans on this short sale. I also hear agents say they don’t want to deal with two loans on a short sale, probably because they’ve had bad experiences. They haven’t worked with me. I do many short sales with two loans. It’s really no big deal.

I’d say 90 days from listing to moving out of the short sale home in Fair Oaks is a fairly decent approval process. I didn’t see the buyer yesterday or I would have thanked him personally for going into escrow with us. My seller is thrilled beyond being thrilled, and extremely relieved, and that’s the most important thing to me.

P.S. Look out for those chickens in Fair Oaks.

The Dissing of Calling a Fair Oaks Realtor the Devil You Know

Funny devil against dark backgroundIt is not unusual for me to receive phone calls from disgruntled sellers in Sacramento who want to dump their agent. I know you might be thinking to yourself: how lucky is this Sacramento REALTOR — because she doesn’t have to search for business; listings just fall into her lap. The truth is I don’t particularly enjoy listening to a seller rant and rave about all the horrible things she believes her soon-to-be former agent has done. On top of which, I don’t add fuel to the fire; I don’t see any reason to disparage another human being, especially not for financial gain.

I try to get the callers to understand why maybe they are upset with their agent. Perhaps it’s because their agent doesn’t have much experience? If an agent sells one house every couple of months or so, for example, that real estate agent’s experience level will be very different from an agent like me who sells at least a couple of homes every week, on average, and continually lays her finger on market pulse. Not to mention, I’ve been in the business since the early 1970s and have easily adapted in a chameleon-like manner to changes and technology.

Not every agent is so fortunate. Agents are very different from each other. Should you change agents? That’s a loaded question.

Certain home sellers in Fair Oaks called me over the weekend, super irate with their present agent. I explained that I couldn’t really get into it with them until their agent releases the listing from MLS. I don’t ever want to be accused of swiping a client. Bingo, within the day, it was released.

The agent had removed not only all of the photographs but also the marketing comments! Uh, oh. He must have been really ticked off, a supposition I shared with the sellers. Why did they have to make their agent so angry? Was it him, was it them? I dunno. Not good, though.

During the course of our conversations, the sellers had asked what they could do to improve the photos to sell their home in Fair Oaks. The photos looked like they were shot with a cellphone, for goodness sakes, grainy and tilted. We probably talked for an hour, and I gave them a ton of information and then made an appointment to list the home.

The sellers said they were very grateful as I had opened their eyes. I had shared tips that they never had previously considered and which their agent had never mentioned. I gave them ideas for improving the marketability of their home, including how to stage it, down to the color of the flowers for their dining room table. Two hours before my appointment they shot off an urgent email explaining that their former Fair Oaks REALTOR had apologized and literally begged them to give him another chance.

They said it was the devil you know.

They would incorporate all of my ideas, too, and were extremely appreciative for my assistance.

There all sorts of people trying to sell a home in Sacramento these days and looking for a Fair Oaks REALTOR. It doesn’t mean I will change how I do business or stop offering to help. I wished them well and let it go. Besides, I didn’t share everything, and they have a surprise in store. Funny how that works out.

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