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Why the Buyer Matters for a Natomas Short Sale Offer

natomas short sale offer

A good Natomas short sale offer involves a committed buyer.

Although it is rare nowadays to list a short sale because there are so few in Sacramento anymore, it doesn’t mean I change how we handle a Natomas short sale offer. The same rules apply, same principles and same practice. I know there are other listing agents who might grab the first Natomas short sale offer that comes along, but that’s not how I advise my sellers.

Having sold more short sales than any other agent in a 7-county area over the past 10 years, my experience as a top Sacramento short sale agent speaks volumes. We don’t want to drag the process out any longer than necessary. If the buyer refuses to conform to the practices we put into place, they are not a viable buyer for us. It blows my mind that buyer’s agents fight us, but they often do. They don’t think ahead, they don’t stop to consider the harm they cause, to the seller and the listing agent and everybody else in the transaction, when their buyer is not fully committed to the process. read more

Banks Do Not Care About Your Short Sale

banks do not care about short sales

Banks do not care about your short sale is the first truth for a Sacramento agent.

Even through our fast and furious Sacramento short sales over the past 10 years, banks still do not care about your short sale, and it amazes me that people expect a bank to care about individuals. It’s not just the buyers and sellers who want the banks to care about them, it’s their real estate agents, too. They search frantically for answers, for logic based on their limited experience, and they just want somebody to explain common sense to the bank. If only the bank knew . . . they cry. read more

Hiring a Bad Short Sale Expert Carries Consequences, Unlike Meeting, Say, Pope Francis

Short Sale Expert

Margie Burgard, Pope Francis and Elizabeth Weintraub at Basilica Block Party

Another Sacramento Realtor might show you a photograph of the home in Elk Grove that just closed escrow, but I’m not just any ol’ Sacramento Realtor, as you know. Plus, when you have a photo of you standing next to, oh, let’s just say, the Pope, for example, well, you’ve got to share it, right? My sister Margie is on the left, and that woman with the crazy yellow hair — the result of a horrible bleach job at a salon on Riverside in Land Park, a hair salon, the name of which I shall not disclose but I won’t step foot in that salon ever again — that woman with the horrid hair, is your Sacramento Realtor. Plus, it’s a better photo than homes in Elk Grove with dead lawns. read more

A Short Sale Home in Fair Oaks with Two Loans Closed Fast

wild chickens in sacramento and molokaiAs I drove away from my closed listing of a short sale home in Fair Oaks yesterday, I wondered why I picked up the Supra lockbox. It’s not like I can use the lockbox for anything ever again now that MetroList has rescinded its agreement to allow us to continue using our Supra lockboxes until they die. I had more than 70 lockboxes and did not exchange them all in the rip-off 2 for 1 Supra lockbox exchange because MetroList promised we could keep them. Which means now I have about 40 lockboxes rolling around in my trunk that are useless because MetroList backpedaled. read more

Put Sacramento Short Sales on the Market Prior to Default Notice

default notice for short sales

A Notice of Default filing starts the clock ticking on Sacramento short sales. © big stock photo

Unlike the hey days of pre-2012 in Sacramento, we are not seeing a lot of short sales in the area anymore. About 4% of all the listings in Sacramento County at the moment are active short sales, as compared to about 75% a while back. Having a small percentage of homes for sale that are underwater is good news for just about everybody, though, except that short sale seller who needs to sell her home.

In case you’re wondering, and I suspect you probably are, my own caseload of short sales has dramatically decreased, but I still manage to sell and negotiate a large number of Sacramento short sales. I thought the number was much smaller than it is, but so far this year almost 1 out of every 4 sales I’ve closed has been a short sale. It means I am still pulling in a huge chunk of the short sale business and most likely continue to rank as the best Sacramento short sale agent in town. read more

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