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The Lifespan and Cost of Kitchen Appliances When Home Selling

cost of kitchen appliancesConsidering the cost of kitchen appliances, when you are selling a home, sometimes it is less expensive to buy new. Why would you buy new appliances to sell a home? For starters, they might be the wrong color. Yes, color matters. For example, white is not a popular color anymore. That doesn’t mean if your entire kitchen is white that you need to remodel because you do not. Yet, older kitchens with oak cabinets and white appliances and white ceramic counters might get passed over by today’s homebuyers or you may need to lower the price of the home to compensate. read more

How Important is the Condition of a Home When Selling?

condition of home when selling

Wonder if these sellers know they are painting a wall two different colors?

Asking an experienced Sacramento Realtor about the condition of a home when selling is a smart move. I see so many sellers jump right in on their own, without seeking advice, and making repairs that do not need to be made, which means they are throwing money out the window. Oh, they might backtrack a little and mumble that’s what they wanted to do for the buyers so it doesn’t matter, but it does matter if they could have spent the money on say, oh, maybe a vacation in Hawaii, and they don’t have a money tree growing in their back yard like I do in my yard. You should see it. Incredible. Pops out 100 bills like clockwork. read more

The Dissing of Calling a Fair Oaks Realtor the Devil You Know

Funny devil against dark backgroundIt is not unusual for me to receive phone calls from disgruntled sellers in Sacramento who want to dump their agent. I know you might be thinking to yourself: how lucky is this Sacramento REALTOR — because she doesn’t have to search for business; listings just fall into her lap. The truth is I don’t particularly enjoy listening to a seller rant and rave about all the horrible things she believes her soon-to-be former agent has done. On top of which, I don’t add fuel to the fire; I don’t see any reason to disparage another human being, especially not for financial gain. read more

Selling a Home in Rio Linda When the Surprises Keep Coming

Sacramento-home-for-sale.300x225What does a Sacramento real estate agent do when her seller is traveling in Saudi Arabia without cellphone coverage? She doesn’t panic, for one thing. My motto is we can always find a way to take care of a potential problem, but I really had no idea how many challenges were about to present themselves when I accepted a listing in Rio Linda. It looked like a home in the midst of a rehab job. Nobody told me it had been vandalized.

I wrote last July about how I yelled at the poor contractor whose life mantra is Dude, I flaked. He had promised to finish the home by the time it went on the market for sale, but the only good thing I recall about that was I stopped him in the nick of time from tiling the entire home. At least 2 of the 3 bedrooms now have carpeting. I made several trips to Rio Linda to shoot photos, do my inspection, attach contractor’s lock boxes and what have you just to get into escrow. It never occurred to me that I needed to check to see if the faucets worked or the electrical functioned, because the contractor had lived there while he worked on the house. read more

Don’t Wait for Buyers to Tell You What’s Wrong With Homes in Sacramento

Homes in Sacramento

The colors of homes like these in the Netherlands do not work in Sacramento

What works for house colors in countries such as Italy, Ireland or Mexico, does not necessarily work as colors of choice for homes in Sacramento. Personally, I adore colorful homes and would love to see more Americans adopt color, but then again, pioneers tend to get arrows in their backs, so I don’t want to initiate the trend. If you’re expecting to put your home on the market, though, the color of your home down to the color of your carpeting can be the difference between selling or not selling. read more

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