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Improved Price for Woodsy Fair Oaks Pool Home on Acreage

woodsy Fair oaks pool home on acreage

As you turn onto Hillcrest heading to this woodsy Fair Oaks pool home on acreage, you will notice a stable for boarding horses. Many homes in Fair Oaks have horses; according to code one needs a minimum of 22,000 square feet for a horse. This particular home is situated on more than an acre at 1.37 acres, which is the equivalent of 59,677 square feet. Although some of the land is sloped. And let’s not forget there is a pool. Do horses swim? What would you do if a horse got into the pool? See, I do not know. Does Bojack Horseman know things? Ha. Besides, chlorine is probably not good for a horse’s coat, but having limited interaction with horses, I am not a person to ask about equine species. read more

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