East Sacramento Listing

Hitting the Royal Flush on an East Sacramento Listing

East Sacramento Listing

Weintraub & Wallace took a new East Sacramento listing last week in a very popular area of East Sacramento. We worked tirelessly preparing our pre-launch efforts. Friday evening, it went live in MLS with the first open house scheduled this last Sunday. There were about 70 people through the open house! 

There were plenty of buyers through with solid interest looking to make one of many multiple offers on a new East Sacramento listing. Additionally, we had about 20 + agent showing appointments over the last 3 days. Buyers had seen it online, advertised on our  Facebook Boost or any one of the other search engines such as Elizabethweintraub.com, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Metrolist, REMAX.com and many others.

It was no surprise we had so many offers as this was marketing by design, starting with a Coming Soon sign, and so many other executed action steps. When there are multiple offers on a new listing, buyer’s agents have to sort of play poker as they don’t know what the competition has offered in their offer. Sometimes they have the winning hand, sometimes they don’t. You have to think that the offers are over the list price, especially when you have so many offers, so much traffic, and so many agent appointments to show it. The interest was tremendous!

Our exclusive top producer buyer’s agents on the Weintraub & Wallace team, submit offers with proof of funds, lender letters attached, client letters that express a personal connection of appreciation for the home, from the buyer to the seller. Also, the offers are written completely no missing information or signatures with all appropriate boxes checked.

There were very few complete offer combinations like this, I’m sorry to say. With multiple offers on a new East Sacramento listing, every detail should be attached and completed to present the highest and best offer and agents have an opportunity to show a high level of competence. If the offer is poorly written with missing information how are the next 30 days of the escrow going to go? 

The good news, we have many offers to choose from and the seller will review them this evening. I can prepare a counter offer to respond to the top offers to ensure we have the highest and best possible offer for our seller.

We are listing specialists with over 80 years of combined experience and we have top producing exclusive buyer’s agents to represent buyers. The beauty of this approach is each client has their own agent representing their client’s individual interests. If you would like to sell your home with listing agents that work tirelessly to receive multiple offers on a new listing, then please call the Weintraub & Wallace team today.

— JaCi Wallace

Weintraub & Wallace

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