Where Do You Find Listing Specialists in Sacramento?

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Do you wonder if you deserve your own representation and where you can find listing specialists in Sacramento? Most agents who solely represent sellers are always ready to talk about selling a home, providing you can find such an agent. There are not very many listing specialists in Sacramento. For example, I can count the number on one hand, and I’m not so sure about the other four. I can only vouch for myself.

Most agents, if you don’t already know, try to work with both sellers and buyers. They probably don’t attract enough business to specialize. Some of those agents might call themselves listing specialists but they are not, not truly. I know this to be a fact because my outlook and business focus is so completely different from agents who represent both types, sellers and buyers, and even those who only represent buyers.

In fact, I venture to guess you will have an easier time tracking down exclusive buyer’s agents than you will finding listing specialists. Make no mistake about it, true listing specialists only represent sellers. They do not operate in dual representation. Their primary focus is seller fiduciary in Sacramento, which means putting the sellers’ interests above their own.

These agents are definitely not trying to double-end the transaction and earn twice the commission, which is almost every other agent’s dream goal (except for exclusive buyer’s agents and listing specialists).

Which means it can be confusing. Especially for those buyers who think they oughta work only with the listing agent in hopes the agent will be so danged greedy he or she will do anything to accommodate the buyers.

Now, I don’t know of any agent who is an island. If an agent is a listing specialist, odds are she has a team of exclusive buyer’s agents. These agents represent buyers, which frees her to focus solely on sellers. When the only thing an agent thinks about day-in and day-out is maximizing her seller’s profit potential, it puts a whole new spin on listings. A different world opens.

It’s hard enough to wear one hat in real estate, I don’t know why anybody would want to wear more than one. It’s too danged hot in Sacramento anyway.

To find listing specialists in Sacramento, you can stop right here to talk to me. Or, you can continue pounding the pavement. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub, your trusted name in real estate for more than 40 years, at 916.233.6759.

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