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How Long of a Listing Should Sellers Sign?

How Long of a Listing Should Sellers Sign?

How long of a listing should sellers sign? Below is a previous post for another website written by Elizabeth. This topic is relevant, timeless and a question sellers are curious about. Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

Sellers rarely question the length of their listing contracts. They simply accept whatever term the agent puts into the listing agreement. However, it is the seller’s responsibility and legal right to choose the length of the listing. Although, agents can help guide a seller by suggesting a listing term based on the average days on market, it is not the agent’s decision to make. It is the seller’s. read more

Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining Buyer Feedback

Obtaining buyer feedback is an article published by another website and was written by Elizabeth. Feedback is very important to sellers and something we strive to do. It is not EZ obtaining buyer feedback as agents once they have left the property, are often out of sight out and out of mind. Sacramento Realtors sometimes don’t call us back. After 3 calls, emails and texts to contact them, we can be sure they probably are not interested. Enjoy, — JaCi Wallace

The only person whose opinion matters when your home is listed for sale is not you. It’s not your agent’s opinion, either, nor is it the opinion of all the other agents who work your neighborhood. The person whose opinion matters is the buyer. It is the buyer who will make an offer and, it is you, as the seller, who will either accept, counter or reject that offer. read more

Market Cycles in Sacramento Real Estate

market cycles in sacramento real estate

Market cycles in Sacramento real estate can be confusing to new buyers entering the Sacramento market. Homes fly off the shelves in some areas, and other areas may take a while. Take the condos in Alicante Villas for instance. The days on market for past closed sales in this complex are higher than the days on market for single family residences in the area.

What can buyers do to increase odds in their favor? Buyers need only do one thing, just conform to the market cycles. When your agent completes a market analysis on sales in an area you want to live, if homes are selling over list, offer over list. Buyers, whatever the trends, strike quick and aim to win every time you sign an offer. read more

How Networking Sells Homes Outside of MLS

Networking Sells Homes

How networking sells homes outside of MLS. This is an article written by Elizabeth for another website. It is an important topic. There are many marketing actions that sell homes besides just putting a listing into mls. Enjoy as it is a good read.

— JaCi Wallace

When I analyze my last year’s sales — in particular my listings — in about 80% of the cases, I can say the homes were pursued because I networked with the selling agent. I talk about my listings to every agent I meet. After showings, I call the agents to find out what their buyers thought, and I give them suggestions, overcome negatives and encourage them to write an offer. read more

Heatstroke In Sacramento

Heatstroke in Sacramento

Heatstroke in Sacramento is not uncommon when temps soar to 107 degrees. A Sacramento Realtor is often out showing property no matter what the temperatures are. Several listings have appointments only and that means I have to be there. On rural showings with horses, especially. Sellers always worry about their horses. Yesterday was a full day out working on the field appointments, so we were walking outdoors on ranches until 8:00 PM.

Two long days this week of working outside in that heat took its toll. Today I’m working indoors, though it has cooled off considerably. Keep hydrated and cool everyone as August 2019 has been a real scorcher so far. I’m definitely feeling a bit of heatstroke in Sacramento. I’m working on the computer marketing our listings over the weekend. There is always plenty to do. Our exclusive buyer’s agents are working all weekend holding open houses and showing properties. We have all the resources needed to offer great service to our clients, from within our team of talented professionals. read more

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