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Are You Ready for MLS Enhancements?

mls enhancements

It is nice to see that a person or persons are thinking over at MLS because they are calling their mandated updates — decided without input from the membership — MLS enhancements. In some ways, though, the changes are enhancements. Are you ready? Because all listings supposedly converted two days ago. I only know this because I spotted a warning that other features might not work correctly because of the updates, um . . . enhancements.

One of the best changes are the increase of allotted letters and spaces in the marketing comments and confidential remarks in MLS. We were bound by 500 characters for so long. Not anymore. Now, with the new MLS enhancements, we can enjoy 1,000 characters for marketing and an increase from 300 to 1,300 characters for confidential remarks. We can yak away! read more

Selling a House Three Times to Get Paid Once

Undoubtedly, when I am selling a house 3 times to get paid once, I am doing it solely for the benefit of the seller. Other agents seem to intensely dislike that kind of attitude. They are used to listings agents who rollover and do whatever it takes to close a transaction. It confuses them when they discover that I am not one of those agents who will rollover.

For starters, I care deeply about my fiduciary relationship to the seller and doing what is best for the seller. How do I do that? Well, here’s a hint for ya, I don’t count my chickens before they hatch because even if they never hatch, I don’t care. I care solely about making my sellers happy. It’s a recipe, albeit a weird one for many, but it’s a successful recipe for me. I don’t really know how to better explain it than if you take yourself out of the equation and try to do only what is best for a seller (I know, strange concept), as an agent you will win in the end. And so does the seller. I won’t go so far as to say win-win because that’s not really a concept I subscribe to, and I used to be married to the guy who coined that phrase. In real estate, generally one side, seller or buyer, fares better than the other. That’s the reality. read more

Whose Sacramento Listing Is It?

Whose Sacramento listing is it? Well, it can be hard at times to tell if a person is joking around or not when you receive an email.I am not a big fan of smiley faces, but against my better judgment, I can be guilty of slipping them into emails. That’s because not everybody appreciates my wry sense of humor. And sometimes I’m so busy that I literally don’t have time to make sure my parenthesis is facing the right way. It’s easy to type a frowny face by mistake. I’m so happy that you sent me a photo of your new baby. Frowny face.  Oops. read more

When the Shoe is On the Other Foot in Real Estate

When the shoe is on the other foot in real estate, it is not a good fit. As a busy Sacramento Realtor, I am often astonished at the reactions of others in this business, myself included. We are professionals and, as such, should know better. But sometimes that human element pops out when we don’t expect it. 

Like when my husband and I made an offer on our house in Hawaii. The listing agent told us they had a counter offer out. Although I sell on average one or two houses a week and should know better, you won’t believe what I said. I looked at Hella Rothwell, our buyer’s agent, and asked: what do you think we should offer? I wanted the house, too. It wasn’t a take it or leave it kind of proposition. read more

The Kiss of Death for a Sacramento MLS Listing

kiss of death for a sacramento MLS listing

Almost everybody makes fun of bad MLS photos, but no photos at all is the kiss of death for a Sacramento MLS listing. You know, some people experience reoccurring nightmares of appearing naked as a jay bird in public. My idea of a nightmare is having a listing go live in MLS without any photographs. It’s happened once to me for all of 3 seconds but it happens for other agents a lot more.

It makes me cringe. Do you know why it is the kiss of death for a Sacramento MLS listing? Because without photos, buyers won’t even bother to read all of your fancy schmancy marketing comments. They will just skip to the next property. Which means the listing agent just blew her sellers’ biggest chance to make a favorable impression. read more

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