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Buyers Ask Home Sellers For Personal Property

Ask Home Sellers For Personal Property

Often, buyers ask home sellers for personal property such as washers and dryers, refrigerators, lawn equipment, you name it. I have had several issues with personal property in 2019. So much so that I now suggest the buyers just do a bill of sale for $1. When things go wrong take a wild guess who has to fix it much of the time?

I had a seller who had said from the start to leave the fridge as it was an odd size. We put it in the listing agreement. His daughter had packed up the house and the movers took the refrigerator. We always write in the contract that any personal property is left in as-is condition with no warranty, expressed or implied. Of course, the buyers forget all this. The seller could not get to the stored refrigerator and it was packed away in storage for a month. The sellers agreed to pay a sum of money to the buyers to make them stop calling. The sellers decided they needed the refrigerator after all. read more

My Sellers Are In Europe Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

My sellers are in Europe using the WhatsApp. They tried several times to sign documents by email. The iPhones are not working there well except when using the WhatsApp. The property located at 8109 Sloughhouse Road in Elk Grove, CA 95624, was all set to close escrow, or so we thought. Before the sellers left for an extended vacation to Europe, we signed everything at the title company, and we checked in with the buyer’s side for any additional documents. They said nope all good on their end. read more

What You Might Not Know About Do Not Call Registration

do not call registration

Are all of your phone numbers registered on the do not call list? This was a blog written by Elizabeth many years ago. I wondered, how true is this today? It is absolutely very relevant today. You can click the link above in the first sentence and read the entire post. Yes, Zillow solicitors still call. Companies even pretend to be clients on Zillow to get through to us, and we agents pick up the phone as we think it is a new client.

So you know how much we love that.

— JaCi Wallace

There are many things I did not know about do not call registration. But I do know this: Talking on the phone is such an antiquated thing! read more

Submit Offer Before Seeing A Listing

Submit Offer Before Seeing A listing

A seller can require buyers to submit offer before seeing a listing. At first, there can be Realtor pushback. Also, we received many buyer’s agent’s phone calls asking if we could please get them in because their buyer really needed to see it. Other agents saying well, good luck, you will never sell it this way. Of course, we would not disregard our seller’s instructions. After about 10 days, we started getting offers. We have received many offers to date.

This property is a tenant-occupied home. They have been there for more than 10 years. The seller did not want his tenants unnecessarily bothered by people looking who really had no intention of buying. We set up an appointment for the agents and buyers to come and view the property during a 30-minute appointment. It is a two-bedroom, one bath, with inside laundry. Most Realtors were pretty understanding, however; one agent complained about the condition of the property. I’m not sure what he expected for $200,000 in a decent neighborhood. read more

How Do Sacramento Appraisals Work?

How Do Sacramento Appraisals Work?

How do Sacramento appraisals work? Appraisals are something that is always interesting to talk about. This excerpt below was provided from a blog, which Elizabeth wrote some years back. It got me to thinking about the various appraisal challenges we have had. A great subject to write about today for our blog.

One of the actions we take to assist with the appraisal process is to provide the comparable sales that support our list price. When our listings go pending we change showing instructions to not reflect a lockbox. This ensures the appraiser calls us to get in so they can’t enter without us. As if they can get in and out they may leave with very little information and then a low appraisal. Additionally, we provide the appraiser all the upgrades and features that support our list price. Many appraisers want to bring the value in however, without the added information we provide the appraisal can come in below the sales price. What does a low appraisal mean to a seller? A topic for another blog, the impacts of a low appraisal in escrow. read more

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