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How to Unwind After a Long Day of Sacramento Real Estate

Yellow Flowers Land Park

Flowers in bloom near WPA in William Land Park, by Elizabeth Weintraub

The flowers are in bloom on many of the trees, bushes and vines in Land Park, especially over the arches past Fairytale Town. When I ride my bicycle past the WPA Rock Garden, the scent of springtime flowers flows through the air, and it’s unmistakably sweet smelling. This is the second stretch of my bike ride where I can pick up great speed and shift from 5th to 6th and eventually 7th gear as I go down the hill and onto the road that continues around the golf course.

The bike ride takes me 35 minutes from my home in Land Park, down Riverside, around the entire perimeter of William Land Park and back, regardless of which side streets I might explore. I basically face one stoplight on 8th Avenue by Vic’s Ice Cream to circumvent and the other street detours help me to avoid the lights.

White Flowers Land Park

Father hugging daughter, his face illuminated, William Land Park, by Elizabeth Weintraub

This is my way of unwinding after a long day of Sacramento real estate. Sometimes, I take a break in the middle of the day and hop on my bike, too. The only problem is the wind hits the space between my bluetooth Jawbone and my jaw, separates the device from my face, causing noise and static on the other end. I have a handy dandy rack for my cellphone right on my handle bars.

I guess most people would say I should just enjoy the ride and forget about answering my phone. But that’s about as useful as telling a dog not to eat the steak you just threw on the floor.

Arches Land Park cropped

Arches overlooking William Land Park behind WPA Rock Garden

I’m thinking maybe I should shop for a new bluetooth device. One specifically made for talking on your cellphone while riding a bicycle. The new ERA Jawbone isn’t it because it’s too small and the smaller they make them, the less effective they seem to be. I had Jawbone replace my device but it didn’t improve reception, and I’m now sending it back. If you have any ideas for a good bike-riding bluetooth, let me know.

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