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Land Park Community Association Membership BBQ: a Real Sunday Treat

land park community association membership BBQ

We really came to the Land Park Communication Association membership BBQ on Sunday to visit with the dogs. Everybody brings their dogs to these events. Because I always say there is little more rewarding than holding a stick while a dog chews on the other end. Dogs to pet. Dogs to rough-house with, to pay compliments to or just plain scritch behind the ears. Well, we did find two dogs. But we stayed for the food and music.

Far as I know, this is the first Land Park Community Association membership BBQ. Can’t recall ever an invitation to another over the years. It was totally free. BBQ pulled pork and BBQ chicken from T&R Taste of Texas, ice cream from Vic’s. You can see my mint chocolate chip cone above being served by the happiest guy we saw. My husband would disagree, but I say his enthusiastic attitude is probably due to his Hawaiian shirt. Who can’t be happy wearing a Hawaiian shirt? read more

How to Unwind After a Long Day of Sacramento Real Estate

Yellow Flowers Land Park

Flowers in bloom near WPA in William Land Park, by Elizabeth Weintraub

The flowers are in bloom on many of the trees, bushes and vines in Land Park, especially over the arches past Fairytale Town. When I ride my bicycle past the WPA Rock Garden, the scent of springtime flowers flows through the air, and it’s unmistakably sweet smelling. This is the second stretch of my bike ride where I can pick up great speed and shift from 5th to 6th and eventually 7th gear as I go down the hill and onto the road that continues around the golf course.

The bike ride takes me 35 minutes from my home in Land Park, down Riverside, around the entire perimeter of William Land Park and back, regardless of which side streets I might explore. I basically face one stoplight on 8th Avenue by Vic’s Ice Cream to circumvent and the other street detours help me to avoid the lights. read more

How to Unwind After a Long Day of Sacramento Real Estate

Disclosing Material Facts to a Sacramento Home Buyer

Material Facts for HOme BuyersBuyers don’t care what you tell them as long as you tell them. That’s my opening statement when I hand home sellers a package of disclosures to complete. It’s the things you don’t tell a buyer that can come back to haunt you, not what you do say. If you don’t believe me, I suggest you Google: Snake Infested House in Idaho.

You take a neighborhood where I live and work as a Sacramento real estate agent like Land Park. Because I live in Land Park, I have intimate knowledge about the neighborhood, which agents who live outside of Land Park probably don’t know. If they don’t know, they can’t disclose those facts to a buyer. Although, it could probably be argued that they should know or should at least have asked questions of the seller. read more

Disclosing Material Facts to a Sacramento Home Buyer

A Rainbow with Geese in William Land Park

geese in william land parkMy agent friend Myrl told me that I should carry a camera in my bike basket when I’m out riding because I will surely come across something I would like to take photo of and, sure enough, she was correct. While pedaling by homes in Land Park yesterday and around the geese in William Land Park, I did indeed come across a scene with a rainbow in it. When one spots a rainbow, it’s time to to stop and admire. We don’t have enough rainbows in our lives.

Although I did not bring my camera, I do have a caddy on my bike for strapping in my cellphone. You know, as a Sacramento real estate agent, it’s kinda hard to go anywhere without a smartphone. I might get a text message or an email or God forbid an actual phone call. read more

A Rainbow with Geese in William Land Park

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