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Does It Matter Which Agent You Hire to List Your Sacramento Home?

Happy family with agent realtor near new house.It matters a great deal which agent in Sacramento will list your home. I’ll tell you why. When people ask me how much I charge for commission, the first thing I realize is they don’t really know very much about Sacramento real estate agents or the business, which is OK, but it tends to explain why they may harbor the wrong belief that all real estate agents are the same. Some sellers believe that agents are separated only by the amount of commission they charge, and other than that, we’re all identical.

Which is a shame because it’s not true.

Real estate agents are not the same. We are all different. We come from every walk of life, with varying degrees of education and experience. You’ve got high school dropouts working alongside of guys with Ph.D degrees. Some of us are top producers selling a hundred homes or more every year, some consistently sell at least once house a month, and some agents sell a home every few months or so just to keep toes in the water. Some of us earn our full commissions and others barely stay alive on discounted fees.

Some agents are hysterical and maniacal. Others are calm, tempered and even keel. I believe clients prefer an agent who is loyal, dedicated and works her fingers to the bones for them. Kinda like Freda Kelly, who was the secretary of the Beatles fan club for 11 years. She kept her lips zipped and ran a tight ship. Didn’t even speak out about her experiences until 50 years later.

If Freda promised a fan a lock of John’s hair, they got a lock of John’s hair. If she promised that Paul would sleep on the pillowcase a fan sent to her, you can bet that Paul’s face had been pressed overnight into the pillowcase, even if she had to nag Paul’s mom about it.

If you’re thinking about hiring an agent to list your Sacramento home, you may also want to consider the mission, qualifications and local customs of the brokerage where your agent works. Not every real estate brokerage in town, for example, supports agents who want to hold open houses. I can tell you that Lyon Real Estate is a huge proponent of open houses, and ranks itself as the number 1 real estate brokerage in Sacramento with 17 or so offices and almost 1,000 agents.

When I list your Sacramento home and agents spot the name of Lyon Real Estate, they also recognize my name and know I will handle the transaction fairly, honestly, efficiently and without preferential treatment of some agents over others. That’s not to say an agent who works by herself or at a small boutique might not be qualified in that light, but she won’t have the advantage the number 1 real estate company can offer.

I’m not the answer for everybody to list your Sacramento home. I might be the answer for you, though. I do what I say I’m gonna do. Hundreds of happy clients are proof. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Don’t be that seller whose deal blows up and wonders why.

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