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Buying Another Computer at Best Buy

buying another computer at best buy

Buying another computer at Best Buy has turned into quite a bit of work. This started Tuesday when I took my Dell XPS into the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I dropped it off to check the fan as it was not turning on. They said a few days and I would know the scope of work and have an estimate. Wednesday I received a call that it is not the fan and needed to be sent out as the motherboard was not functioning. Of course, I could not have my computer be out of service that long.

The solution, I decided to buy another computer. A helpful sales clerk walked me around to look at what was in stock. There was a computer that would work, so I bought it on the spot. Then a tech support package was needed so the data could be transferred to the new computer. Tonight another trip back to Best Buy to pick up the new computer! Three trips later and now we are putting the computer up and installing a 40-inch monitor.

This Sacramento Realtor is buying another computer at Best Buy because even one day without a desktop can cost our team business. Sure I have a laptop and a cell phone, so I can always do the basics. For me working on a desktop is a much more efficient working environment. Why? My days are filled with computer action items all day long and the more efficient, easy to use, and reliable the equipment, the more work I can complete in a day.

This is how we manage our team listings. Simply put we spend whatever is required to sell our listings. If we need to change locks or get windows cleaned that’s what we do. If we need to clean up a backyard or shampoo carpets, haul debris, then we call private vendors. If we decide buying another computer at Best Buy is needed, then we invest whatever is required. If you want top producers working for you, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors today at 916.233.6759. We go the distance.

— JaCi Wallace

Weintraub & Wallace

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