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Is Lot Size Correct On Your Home?

Is Lot Size Correct On Your Home?

Is lot size correct on your home? This is an interesting question. Recently on a listing, the county tax agency reported on their public site, a lot size of well over an acre. As Realtors, we are not supposed to do investigation on a property at the county. An investigation is the responsibility of the buyer or seller, depending on circumstances.

Agents help facilitate inspectors but we have no qualifications to be an expert at interpreting county records. Another risk an agent takes is you deal with one person at the counter who says one thing; but, if you report this information to your client and later they find out it was incorrect, it could be an issue. The legal departments at our brokerage cringe over stuff like this. read more

My Sellers Are In Europe Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

Using WhatsApp To Close Escrow

My sellers are in Europe using the WhatsApp. They tried several times to sign documents by email. The iPhones are not working there well except when using the WhatsApp. The property located at 8109 Sloughhouse Road in Elk Grove, CA 95624, was all set to close escrow, or so we thought. Before the sellers left for an extended vacation to Europe, we signed everything at the title company, and we checked in with the buyer’s side for any additional documents. They said nope all good on their end. read more

The Code of Ethics in Real Estate Practice

The Code of Ethics in Real Estate Practice

The Code of Ethics in real estate practice is governed by the National Association of Realtors. We are members as Realtors. The articles contained within the code are so important. It always surprises me how these are not practiced by some real estate practitioners. Having a California Broker’s License does not mean that every licensed individual is always working within the parameters of honest and fair dealings.

To file a complaint requires time and effort. By the time the offender has closed escrow with you, often it is just so much paperwork many agents will not file. For the most part, the Sacramento Association of Realtors Grievance Committee and Pro Standards Committees are not kept very busy considering how many members we have. The horror stories I have heard over the 25 years in my practice makes me shake my head in frustration. read more

Heatstroke In Sacramento

Heatstroke in Sacramento

Heatstroke in Sacramento is not uncommon when temps soar to 107 degrees. A Sacramento Realtor is often out showing property no matter what the temperatures are. Several listings have appointments only and that means I have to be there. On rural showings with horses, especially. Sellers always worry about their horses. Yesterday was a full day out working on the field appointments, so we were walking outdoors on ranches until 8:00 PM.

Two long days this week of working outside in that heat took its toll. Today I’m working indoors, though it has cooled off considerably. Keep hydrated and cool everyone as August 2019 has been a real scorcher so far. I’m definitely feeling a bit of heatstroke in Sacramento. I’m working on the computer marketing our listings over the weekend. There is always plenty to do. Our exclusive buyer’s agents are working all weekend holding open houses and showing properties. We have all the resources needed to offer great service to our clients, from within our team of talented professionals. read more

Wilton Watercolor Orchids

Wilton Watercolor Orchids

Wilton Watercolor Orchids are proudly displayed on my kitchen counter. This was a gift shipped here today from Elizabeth for my birthday. They are posed in front of a windowpane from 1906 of mosaic art glass in my kitchen, created by an artist in Placerville. It reminds me of bubble glass dishware. My favorite blue mixing bowl from Portugal sits next to the stunning azure blue orchid. The Wilton Watercolor Orchids are a special flower to enjoy looking at each day.

Today was a fantastic day. My son JT Bradley took my family out to dinner at the Elk Grove Sheldon Inn to celebrate my birthday. This was a fun time had by all. I hope you enjoy these two photos. My grandson Gage and Son J.T . are sitting on each side of me. My mom is directly at the back in the orange top she looks amazing for 83 years young. read more

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