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Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect

Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect For Yourself

Treat the Realtor you want to hire with the same respect you expect for yourself is no different than the Golden Rule. Below is an excerpt from a blog my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, wrote in August of 2012; it is in italics. As Realtors are paid to sell you a home, occasionally some clients feel that a Realtor doesn’t deserve to be treated well. You know, sellers and buyers get paid to do their job and they would expect fair treatment in the workplace.

I remember a situation where I was not treated fairly. I was trying to explain the details of an offer to a seller. One of the clients immediately barked at me. He said that he had sold homes before and didn’t need to be “talked down to.” Of course, the flip side to that is Realtors are accused of not explaining enough. I apologized and said that my only intent was to provide a gold standard of service and to be thorough. read more

Treat the Realtor You Want to Hire With the Same Respect You Expect

Buying Another Computer at Best Buy

buying another computer at best buy

Buying another computer at Best Buy has turned into quite a bit of work. This started Tuesday when I took my Dell XPS into the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I dropped it off to check the fan as it was not turning on. They said a few days and I would know the scope of work and have an estimate. Wednesday I received a call that it is not the fan and needed to be sent out as the motherboard was not functioning. Of course, I could not have my computer be out of service that long.

The solution, I decided to buy another computer. A helpful sales clerk walked me around to look at what was in stock. There was a computer that would work, so I bought it on the spot. Then a tech support package was needed so the data could be transferred to the new computer. Tonight another trip back to Best Buy to pick up the new computer! Three trips later and now we are putting the computer up and installing a 40-inch monitor. read more

Buying Another Computer at Best Buy

Wondering About Full-Service Realtors vs Self-Help Real Estate?

self help real estate

Wondering about Sacramento full-service Realtors vs self-help real estate? Listen to this, I had been running hard all week and decided to quickly dash into the Ulta Store near one of my favorite pocket of homes in Elk Grove to buy makeup. Dashed in, grabbed my mesh bag, and headed for the face makeup.

Too many choices at the Clinique counter. There are so many types: sheer coverage, full coverage, matt, bronzers, different skin types, Yikes! So, of course, I take samples and brush them onto my hands like a real pro, NOT! My hands are now covered with 5 different kinds colors of face makeup. I wipe it all off. As I was about to start on the other hand with samples, I decided ok, this is crazy. I don’t have time for this, why did I even come into this store? read more

Wondering About Full-Service Realtors vs Self-Help Real Estate?

Full-Service Realtors Means Sometimes Going Beyond With Service

Full-service Realtors

Full-service Realtors in Sacramento offer sellers so much more than just higher prices, fewer renegotiations in the middle of escrow and expert analytical skills. We sometimes have to go beyond what most people expect with service and sharing our knowledge. Oh, we’ve had it hammered into us that we can’t give legal advice and can’t give tax advice, anything that departs from our skillset of real estate and that for which we are licensed. After all, we are not accountants nor lawyers. We are full-service Realtors.

But what does that mean to the public we serve? It means we are judged every single day by what we do and how we do it, and our performance darn well better be excellent. We need to anticipate what a seller needs before she or he asks. Often, it also means we go beyond what other agents might do.

One of the aspects of my full service for sellers involves giving advice as to improvements. There are often little fixes a seller can do to make a property much more saleable. Left to their own devices, sellers will fix things that are inconsequential to a buyer but which the sellers think are important. That’s generally a waste of money. I don’t advise sellers based on my personal preferences, I advise based on what sells. What buyers say they want and expect. My advice is based on my vast experience spanning four decades in real estate.

But I don’t just throw out advice, like: paint that wall a dove gray. Since I spent 10 years of my life fixing up homes and flipping them, doing the work with my own two hands, I know quite a bit about home improvement projects. Not only that, but I know which products to recommend, which vendors to supply those products and the contractors who can do the actual work. And I don’t even watch HGTV, heh, heh.

Discount agents are often too green, too new, and honestly, many of them don’t care. They can’t help. I shared with a friend the other day what I do to attract multiple offers and drive up the sales price versus what a discount agent does. A discount agent’s advice is: take the offer. Sellers make more money through full-service Realtors, and they get more qualified advice from an experienced veteran vs. a newbie. A discount agent will promise full service but they can’t deliver. It’s impossible.

Looking to sell your home? Before you wander into Lowe’s, give Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate a jingle at 916.233.6759. I’m happy to help.

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