Newer Natomas Home in Parkwalk at Westshore Now Pending

home in parkwalk at westshore

This newer Natomas home in Parkwalk at Westshore received an aggressive offer the minute we dropped the price. When the seller indicated he preferred a faster sale, I prepared a in-depth study of the market. It was obvious to me the over $500K price point in Natomas was moving very slowly. All of the action is under that mark. Further, we had competition from brand new homes that were slowly selling, and this home was not yet a year old. Not hard to figure, do you want brand new or almost brand new? Most people pick brand new.

Although this home in Parkwalk at Westshore has all the bells and whistles already installed. All the upgrades are in place. Not to mention, it features a California porch, what you or I would call a covered patio, but now, since I’ve heard the term California porch, it will always be a California porch going forward.

It’s ready for immediate occupancy, soon as we can close escrow. There are really no delays built into the buying process when it’s a resale like what happens when you buy directly new from the builder. All we had to do was drop the price a bit below the last new home sale and we were in like Flynn. Sure enough, within 24 hours of that price reduction, we received an over-list price offer.

The offer came from a buyer who saw the home in Parkwalk at Westshore a week ago during an open house, back when the price was higher. Funny how that psyche works with buyers. The buyer could have made a lower offer but chose not to. It was only when the price was lowered a little bit that the buyer now felt an extreme urge to buy. Such an extreme urge that the buyer offered more than list.

Of course, as these things tend to happen, I last spoke to the seller during a layover at an airport. On his way to Puerto Rico to photograph and document this American territory’s progress and persistent struggles after Hurricane Maria. Fortunately, he still had cellphone / data coverage and he signed the offer on the Fourth of July. What he said to me at that point made me smile. And he knew it. He said, “You were right!”

If you have home in Parkwalk at Westshore you would like to sell, I can help you strategize to sell that home, too. 16 Lake Katerina Ct, Sacramento, CA 95834 is presently pending.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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