Thoughts About Starting the Day in Sacramento Real Estate

sunrise sacramentoThere is only one email this Sacramento Realtor likes waking up to in the morning that can be better than a seller saying they want me to list their home and that’s an email containing a purchase offer from a qualified and excited home buyer. Other people, they get up and survey the gardens, observe birds in the water fountain, pet their critters, hug a spouse or partner, but I make a beeline for my computer because it’s time to write a blog.

Before I can get to the writing part, I need to clear out my emails and respond to all those who stockpiled over the night. See, a long time ago my wise husband suggested I turn off my computer and phone at 7 PM so we could enjoy a couple of Sacramento real estate-free hours together. It doesn’t mean that a thought about a transaction might not hit my brain in the middle of The Good Wife so he may need to pause the show while I share my new idea. He’s good natured about it, though. And yes, we have no disagreements over the remote.

I mull over work-related stuff all day. Especially when I’m driving as straight shots up the freeway provide me with a bit of space to contemplate. I don’t know how other real estate agents run their businesses, but mine is pretty much integrated into personal my life and intertwined. The systems I use allow some automation of processes but they all still require a personal touch. There is no way to get away from that attention to detail that is crucial in every sale, nor would I want to give that up because that’s part of what separates me from the competition and makes me successful.

There are mornings, like this one, when I can’t write my blog right away because I need to attend to my emails. They eat up a lot of time if they are important. I’m excited to be listing a home in Natomas today, another majestic beauty in Anatolia tomorrow, a pool home in Del Paso Manor probably on Friday, and quite possibly putting a different home in Natomas into escrow this afternoon. This is because I focus basically on two things: Preparing the listing correctly, which includes all of my marketing strategies, and then selling it.

No two transactions are ever the same. Selling real estate in Sacramento as a top producer is not for everybody due to the dedication it requires, but it’s worked out well for me over the years.

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