The Best Place to Find Homes for Sale in Sacramento

Sacramento Listing AgentA potential buyer from Florida called yesterday to discuss buying a second home in the Pocket area of Sacramento. I asked what made him pick the Pocket out of all the places to live in Sacramento. Turns out he used to live in Sacramento, and he likes that neighborhood. Not necessarily Greenhaven, mind you, but the Pocket; although Greenhaven and Pocket border each other, they are different.

This guy told me he was primarily interested in preforeclosures and short sales. I hear this preference stated often, and I realize what it means, even though the person who is sharing that preference may not. It means that a buyer wants to buy as much home for the dollar as the buyer possibly can. The buyer is not afraid of having to fix up a home or put a little sweat equity into it if the price is under market a little bit.

In short, the buyer wants a deal. A good deal. Reality says a buyer doesn’t really need to buy a preforeclosure or a short sale to get a good deal. In fact, most of the better deals lie in homes with equity. Short sales are no longer distressed sales; banks want market value for the short sales. Banks sometimes obtain 2 or 3 opinions of value before they will allow the home to sell as a short sale.

The pre-foreclosure properties are a myth. They don’t exist. Oh, I realize that buyers can find those homes listed on such websites as Trulia and Zillow, but those are marketing ploys. Those homes are not for sale. These websites buy feeds from all kinds of sources, even sources that report when homeowners have failed to make payments and are headed for foreclosure if they don’t bring the loan current. But it doesn’t mean those homes are for sale or will ever be for sale. It is very misleading and confusing for buyers. Although, it brings eyeballs to Trulia and Zillow, and traffic is what matters to Trulia and Zillow. The information doesn’t need to be accurate — just look those goofy Zestimates.

The best place to find homes for sale in Sacramento is on a Sacramento real estate agent’s website. That’s because those IDX feeds originate at MetroList, which is the Bible and our God in real estate. You can search for home listings in Sacramento, homes in Placer, El Dorado or Yolo counties, which include West Sacramento and Davis on my website or any other agent’s website. You will get everything that is for sale and not just my listings.

Although, I did get a call yesterday as well about where a person could find my listings. If you want to look at just the homes listed by Elizabeth Weintraub, you can watch the revolving listings on the right side of my home page. Or, to be more proactive, you can click on the LISTING tab at the top of my website. That will show you just the homes that are listed by this Sacramento real estate agent.

I promise, you won’t find homes that are not for sale, removed from the market or were never for sale in the first place. The status modifiers are clearly noted, well, except for those active short contingents, you have to read through the listing to find it. Yet, a real estate agent’s website is the best place to find homes for sale in Sacramento. You can also sign up for automatic listing emails, so every time a new listing in your desired area comes on the market, you will receive an email. If you’re not a do-it-yourself person, you can call me, and I’ll be happy to set you up. You can call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

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