lost dogs in land park

The Land Park Chihuahuas Go Home

Chihuahuas-Land-Park-OwnersEven the most optimistic people in the world like this Sacramento real estate agent can have a day when her belief in a positive outcome begins to wane. Take those darn Chihuahuas from Land Park, for example. I’d say please, take those Chihuahuas from Land Park except that my husband and I were successful. Yay! I had almost given up hope. We began calling rescue groups as we passed Day 7 of the lost Chihuahuas, when we found the owners of those lost dogs! Just minutes before a representative from a Chihuahua rescue group from Elk Grove was due to show up on our doorstep and take them off our back porch.

Just for the record, as some Chihuahua rescue groups were unaware, dogs taken to the SSPCA or the Animal Shelter stand about a 50% chance of being killed. These are NOT no-kill shelters.

Tracking down the owners was due in part to a client of mine. I’ve been running into my real estate clients lately in the oddest places. You know how sometimes you don’t expect to see anybody you know, and therefore you don’t recognize them when you spot them in a place where you don’t expect them to be, right? I’m not talking about a brothel or the police station, either. I mean, like, oh, say, a waiting room at Ellison Ambulatory on the hospital campus at U. C. Davis.

I was waiting for my physical therapist yesterday when a hospital employee strolled in front of me and began a long conversation with two patients. She was saying, NO! You don’t take off your leg. Never. Do I take off MY leg? Does your wife take off HER leg? You can’t help but look up when this kind of conversation takes place right in front of you. It was a huge argument. I found out that an artificial limb costs $80,000. As the discussion continued, I realized I knew the people standing in front of me. They were former clients to whom I had a sold a home near Land Park a few years ago.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer and I spoke up. I said, “Would you like to hear my opinion?” But they did not recognize me. Which was too bad because I had a pretty good opinion about the matter. The hospital employee realized she should probably not be standing in public having this very vocal conversation with these two patients, but that didn’t stop her.

In this very same lobby hangs a photograph of a hospital employee who died a long time ago. It is a memorial to this employee with a plaque under the photo. I asked the receptionist behind the counter if it bothered her to have a photo of a dead person looming over her desk or if it was OK because the death wasn’t recent. I was curious. That’s when I found out this particular memorial for this individual is hung in many departments in U. C. Davis. That seems a little creepy to me, but maybe I’m just overly sensitive. But then I don’t work at U. C. Davis and I don’t have a little sign in front of me that says if I’m talking my lights will be illuminated. Although, as a Sacramento real estate agent, I guess I’m free to wear a reversible sign around my neck that says “out of service” when I’m talking on my Bluetooth.

After the patients finished their conversation and began to leave, I yelled: “Goodbye, John” (not his real name). They kept walking. I followed it up with: “Goodbye, Susan.” Wait a minute. They paused. Turned around. “Do we know you?”

See, this is what happens when you change the color of your hair.

Even my former client who came by the house yesterday with the two Chihuahuas in her car almost didn’t recognize me when I opened the door. She lives a few blocks away in Land Park. Those darn Chihuahuas had escaped from my yard while I was filling their bowls with dog food. But my neighbor had recognized the dogs from a flyer we had taped to a lamp post and brought them back. She suggested we call a person who might know who owned the dogs, and gave us a phone number.

Sure enough, just before dinnertime, the owners of the lost Chihuahuas showed up. They even brought a photo to prove the dogs belonged to them. See above. Aren’t they cute? I did not tell the woman and her daughter that at this point just about anybody who said they would love those dogs could have them. I also put the mother’s cell phone number in my address book, just in case those Chihuahuas make a second appearance.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Sacramento, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. You never know where we might meet up later.

Day 3 of the Lost Chihuahuas in Land Park


Exploding-tennis-ballsWe have discovered a new use for our tennis balls. Don’t even think about exploding tennis balls, because it’s a myth that tennis balls explode. Just gonna go on the record here in case you’re wondering about that. Tennis balls don’t explode unless you put something explodable inside of the balls to make them explode. In case you’re tempted to put them in the microwave or stab them with an ice pick. Ha, ha, like you HAVE an ice pick!

Our tennis balls were originally purchased to insert into a sock, so we could press our backs against the wall with a tennis ball in between. It can manipulate just the right spot. If you have an aching back, you should try this. Just don’t lie down on the ball, like my sister did, because she almost broke her back.

Chihuahuas-Loose-Land-ParkOur tennis balls are something those danged dogs in our back yard can chase. We have not yet found the owners of the Chihuahuas who were lost in Land Park. We’re filing a report with the Sacramento Animal Shelter over on Front Street today and taking them in to see if they are microchipped. If nobody claims these dogs by tomorrow, we do have interest from a couple of neighbors through the Nextdoor website who want to adopt the little cuties.

When I came back home from listing a home in Churchill Downs yesterday, I hopped on my bike and rode around my neighborhood in Land Park to put up more fliers. My husband distributed fliers on Thursday. Do you know there are not very many telephone poles in Land Park? Lots of street lights, but you need tape to attach fliers to the street lights. Fortunately, I tossed Scotch Tape along with my handy, dandy stapling gun into my bike basket. I was astonished to discover the reduced inventory of telephone poles.

The things you learn that you don’t think about, regardless of how long you’ve lived in Land Park!


Found Chihuahuas in Land Park

Chihuahuas-Loose-Land-ParkWords my husband does not want to hear as he’s heading out the door to pick up sushi for dinner: We need to get the chihuahuas. It happened because I was jumping on my bike to take my before-dinner bike ride through William Land Park when I received an email. I do admit that my cellphone is strapped to my handlebars, for those biking purists who could not imagine themselves hauling along a cell when riding. But then those biking enthusiasts are probably not a Sacramento real estate agent.

The message came through my email that two chihuahuas were loose and running in the street about a block away from my home in Land Park. I belong to the neighborhood website Nextdoor for the area where I live in Land Park. A kind person posted that the dogs were darting about his garage. I pedaled my bike over there. It was clear that the poster was not in a position to take care of the dogs; however, he did give them some water.

Then, I spotted a woman walking her dog, and the two little chihuahuas dashed over to greet her. I tried to tell the woman that the chihuahuas belonged to her now, but she was not about to claim any kind of ownership. She pointed to the house at the end of the street and indicated that she believed that guy owned the dogs. Even after I explained that he does not own those dogs and they are loose, she still did not take ownership. I’m not blaming her, but I was hopeful that she would. Nobody would take these dogs.

See, this is the thing. You can’t leave 2 dogs loose in the streets in Land Park. Certainly not around dinnertime when many people are coming home from work and there’s a lot of traffic. This is what I told my husband as he was carrying a big cardboard box and heading toward the street where the dogs were bouncing about. Not only that, but what if it was one of our cats who was on the loose and scared? He said somebody probably dumped them because they could no longer feed them. I countered that chihuahuas are so tiny, I mean, how much can they possibly eat?

The guy at the end of the street spotted our box with Macy’s printed on the side. Are you taking them to Macy’s, he asked? Nope, just to our yard until we can locate the owner. The chihuahuas survived the night. The skunks, possums and raccoons could not get to them because we enclosed them in a portable dog pen. My husband picked up dog food for them on his way back from Akebono.

If you are missing a couple of chihuahuas, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. These dogs have no tags, no collars. My husband says you don’t have to describe them, but you do. Size, color, dimensions and characteristics. The photo on this page is not of the actual chihuahuas in our yard.

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