Found Chihuahuas in Land Park

Chihuahuas-Loose-Land-ParkWords my husband does not want to hear as he’s heading out the door to pick up sushi for dinner: We need to get the chihuahuas. It happened because I was jumping on my bike to take my before-dinner bike ride through William Land Park when I received an email. I do admit that my cellphone is strapped to my handlebars, for those biking purists who could not imagine themselves hauling along a cell when riding. But then those biking enthusiasts are probably not a Sacramento real estate agent.

The message came through my email that two chihuahuas were loose and running in the street about a block away from my home in Land Park. I belong to the neighborhood website Nextdoor for the area where I live in Land Park. A kind person posted that the dogs were darting about his garage. I pedaled my bike over there. It was clear that the poster was not in a position to take care of the dogs; however, he did give them some water.

Then, I spotted a woman walking her dog, and the two little chihuahuas dashed over to greet her. I tried to tell the woman that the chihuahuas belonged to her now, but she was not about to claim any kind of ownership. She pointed to the house at the end of the street and indicated that she believed that guy owned the dogs. Even after I explained that he does not own those dogs and they are loose, she still did not take ownership. I’m not blaming her, but I was hopeful that she would. Nobody would take these dogs.

See, this is the thing. You can’t leave 2 dogs loose in the streets in Land Park. Certainly not around dinnertime when many people are coming home from work and there’s a lot of traffic. This is what I told my husband as he was carrying a big cardboard box and heading toward the street where the dogs were bouncing about. Not only that, but what if it was one of our cats who was on the loose and scared? He said somebody probably dumped them because they could no longer feed them. I countered that chihuahuas are so tiny, I mean, how much can they possibly eat?

The guy at the end of the street spotted our box with Macy’s printed on the side. Are you taking them to Macy’s, he asked? Nope, just to our yard until we can locate the owner. The chihuahuas survived the night. The skunks, possums and raccoons could not get to them because we enclosed them in a portable dog pen. My husband picked up dog food for them on his way back from Akebono.

If you are missing a couple of chihuahuas, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. These dogs have no tags, no collars. My husband says you don’t have to describe them, but you do. Size, color, dimensions and characteristics. The photo on this page is not of the actual chihuahuas in our yard.

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