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Establishing Priorities from a Top Sacramento Listing Agent

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Establishing priorities comes very easy to this top Sacramento listing agent. For example, after 44 years in the real estate business, I know what is important. People who rely on you. Younger agents are often all over the board on this but not me. Just like Lyon Real Estate values its agents and makes agents its #1 priority, I identify with that approach and have established my own priorities. Lyon has always been good to me (except that one time a long time ago). Everybody makes mistakes.

But I am not a drama queen.

If a loose cannon gets bent out of shape, Lyon will smooth it over because they take care of their agents. I know without a doubt that the managing broker of my office always has my back. No matter what. They know me, my personality, my quirks, as I’ve been working at the Sacramento midtown office of Lyon for 15 years now. That’s a long time not to jump ship, fly the nest. Because Lyon is a good brokerage. #1 in Sacramento. I am also its #2 agent, out of 17 offices and almost 1,000 agents.

Establishing priorities for me means I never ask my team members to do something I would not do myself for them. I screen many of our buyers, too, and will jump into any transaction if I am needed. Barbara Dow and Josh Amolsch are not just team members to me. Or only marvelous exclusive buyer’s agents, which they are. They are also my dear friends and I love them to pieces. Moving heaven and earth for either is not too much to ask.

All three of us have a method of operation identical to each other. Establishing priorities for us means one thing. Our clients come first. They always come first. Like yesterday, I caught a community theatre performance of The Addams Family the Musical. What a hoot. But a client texted and wanted to discuss a potential buyer. I shared all the information I had during intermission.

Sure, I could have gone to the concession stand and picked up a bottle of ice cold water, but no I sat thirsty in my seat (because I am demented) and texted with all of the parties involved. Primarily the seller. My sellers know everything. I keep no secrets. Because I only work with sellers I care about and, sure, some are more challenging but that does not make anyone any less deserving of stellar service. I care about each and every client.

Some of this is probably because my own immediate family, outside of my husband (also an orphan), has shriveled. My brother died a year ago, my parents are gone, and I have only a sister and niece, whom I rarely see. An aunt in New York who doesn’t write. My other sister has faded into non-existence, blended into a lonely wall in her house where she sits all alone.

In a way, the sellers I work with become my family. My team members are also family. I dunno, do you think that is weird?

Elizabeth Weintraub

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