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Establishing Priorities from a Top Sacramento Listing Agent

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Establishing priorities comes very easy to this top Sacramento listing agent. For example, after 44 years in the real estate business, I know what is important. People who rely on you. Younger agents are often all over the board on this but not me. Just like Lyon Real Estate values its agents and makes agents its #1 priority, I identify with that approach and have established my own priorities. Lyon has always been good to me (except that one time a long time ago). Everybody makes mistakes.

But I am not a drama queen. read more

Campus Commons Condo Just Closed Escrow at Full List Price

campus commons condo

1102 Dunbarton Circle closed escrow at $425,000.

My first blog about this Campus Commons condo published 5 weeks ago and now this beautiful Powell condo has closed escrow. When I shared the good news yesterday with the seller, she seemed very pleased. She said, “Well, you got us list price,” and she seemed a bit astonished that it happened. Maybe because at first she had suggested a price that was $25,000 less than my suggested list price. I take into consideration how much sellers want, but it’s not generally a factor for me when determining a listing price. read more

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