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Almost Everything Buyers for Homes in Land Park Need to Know

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Land Park agent Elizabeth Weintraub works from home in Land Park.

One thing about buying a home in Land Park is afterward you get the local gossip and all the neighbors know what is happening, which is why I suggest that buyers talk to the neighbors, for that matter, before buying a home here or anywhere. Yesterday, for example, I was sitting on my front porch in Land Park with my laptop, cellphone, paperwork spread out and working in MLS. When I saw my next door neighbor approach, I removed my Bluetooth device from my ear (because that’s only polite).

My neighbor had wondered what all the noise was at my house and came over to see if somebody was breaking in; although, what would she do if they were? Poke them in the eye with her house key? She’s in her 80s. Or, maybe she carries a gun in her shorts — she did go on and on about how much she likes the pockets in her shorts, which, btw, matched the type of shorts I was wearing: OMG, old-lady-shorts. The “noise” was a team of four women vigorously cleaning my home: bleaching the ceramic, brightening the stainless, rubbing film off glass block, polishing marble and hardwood. It costs $500 to get this sort of cleaning done properly, and I needed to be out from underfoot when they cleaned my home office. read more

You Can Buy Your First Home in Land Park This Weekend

2740 San Luis Ct, Sacramento, CA 95818

2740 San Luis Ct, Sacramento, CA 95818

There is no better market for sellers of homes in Land Park than a seller’s real estate market. That’s because the beautiful homes in Land Park will sell for far more than they could ever fetch in a normal market, and even the ugly homes look much prettier after a few drinks at the midnight bar of Sacramento real estate. Everybody is happy, dancing in the streets, except for the home buyers. Some buyers hoping to purchase their first home in Land Park keep losing out due to the competition and low inventory. read more

Buying a New Home in Land Park Sacramento

Home in Land ParkWhen I talk with people I haven’t talked with for years, they often ask if I am living in the same home in Land Park, as though the first thing they would do if they were selling 100 homes in Sacramento year after year would be to buy a new home. Not because I need a new home, mind you, but because I could. They ask I suppose because my existing home is not a mansion nor an estate, and that’s what they would buy. It’s just a plain ol’ single level home, around 2,000 square feet in Land Park. read more

The Direction a Sacramento Home Faces

Sundial in tulip gardenWhen I counsel home buyers for Land Park, one of the questions I typically ask is which direction they prefer their Sacramento home to face. It’s a facet of home buying they might not have previously considered. Then it hits them, yes, the direction a home faces is a preference. The direction of their new home is a choice, a selection. The orientation of real estate is important.

In the northern hemisphere, southern exposure gets the most sun, when the sun moves from east to west. But the way the streets are laid out in Sacramento, especially in the core areas close to downtown such as Midtown, Land Park and Curtis Park, many streets run east and west. This means most of the homes in Land Park face north or south. read more

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