bungalows at the mill at broadway

The Mill at Broadway Showcases Model Homes in Land Park

mill at broadway

Elizabeth Weintraub enjoys a beer at The Mill at Broadway with the Channel 10 Ingress Portal in back.

We had many good reasons to visit The Mill at Broadway last night, and here they are in no particular order: Free brats from LowBrau in Midtown and free cold IPA beer from New Helvetia in Land Park. An evening out for us, with my Elizabeth Weintraub Team member and good friend Barbara Dow, and her husband, Jim. The Mill at Broadway is walking distance from our home in Land Park. And we all needed to see the new housing complex, which I predict this Sacramento Realtor will be listing and selling in a few years as resale homes in Land Park. Always thinking ahead.

Check out the Channel 10 Ingress Portal behind my head. This is not public property, Ingress, just sayin’. The portal should not be there.

mill at broadway

The Mill at Broadway grand opening party featured beer and brats.

I have friends in Land Park who were friends with the Setzer family who used to own this tract of land when it was a sawmill. In fact, I recall 12 years ago when the Setzer family was in negotiations, talking about selling this property, and it has taken that long to put the sale together. There was a lot of speculation in Upper Land Park about what kind of project would take place on this property, because it has a lot of history, not to mention, it’s in an odd location for housing.

We used to patronize the Market Club when it was here, which is now long gone. Yum, grilled liver and onions for lunch. Called it the best little greasy spoon in Land Park you’ve never heard of.

bungalows mill at broadway

Visitors to the model homes at The Mill at Broadway discuss the bungalow features.

It’s amazing how quickly the construction has popped up since it started and the model homes seemed to be completed in the blink of an eye. Every time I would drive down 5th Street, I’d spot another building. Of course, I am thrilled this project is providing another cornerstone to solidify home values in Upper Land Park. The entire revitalization of this neighborhood is a welcome sight from the eyesores of run-down industrial buildings. Not to mention, the proximity to restaurants, transportation, entertainment. It’s a half-hour walk to downtown Sacramento.

The photo above is a kitchen in the larger bungalow where a couple of my possibly future potential clients are probably talking about buying a home. The flushed-edge counter island, which Barbara says is referred to as a “waterfall” now, is a stand-out feature in this bungalow. Cool as that may be, the stairs for older people might prove to be a bit burdensome in years that will go by. Then, bingo, a new listing for this Sacramento Realtor.

This is my favorite model, Residence 4, Bungalow. It’s 1451 square feet with 3 floors. It features 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths, plus a 2-car garage, and it’s a standalone building.

Mill at Broadway

Barbara Dow checks out the fondue pot in the kitchen at Mill at Broadway

Probably my second favorite model is the Residence 1, Bungalow at The Mill at Broadway. This building features the roommate bedroom with private bath on the first floor, right off of the two-car garage. The kitchen and living room, above, are located on the second floor, along with the owner’s ensuite. The outdoor room, if I recall correctly, also featured two hanging “birdcages” as chairs. I love those chairs. Every square inch of space is utilized in a fashionable yet efficient manner.

The Mill at Broadway

Elizabeth Weintraub lounging on a bed at a Bungalow at The Mill at Broadway.

Overall, the 208-home complex features 3 different types of structures available in a variety of designs, from free-standing bungalows (priced from the mid $300s), to side-by-side villas of 2 and 3 stories (priced from the low $300s), and another design they are calling the Courts (priced from the low $200s), which are furthest away from the W X Freeway and feature one-car garages and motor courts. The Courts range in square footage from 533 to 1436. As a woman who wears heels, I had a hard time envisioning myself prancing down to the garage 3 flights of stairs to leave for work. But then I’m not really the target buyer for these homes. The target is millennials, with a lot more energy and spunk than I can muster.

Fortunately, there are new homes going in sometime in 2018 that will have an elevator! Yes, we older people who don’t want to climb stairs can enjoy a viable option. Further, the builder is offering an FHA program, coupled with a second mortgage through Finance of America, that will let you buy a home for no money down! Call your Sacramento Realtor Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759 for more information.

Photos: Elizabeth Weintraub and Barbara Dow

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