Your Real Estate Problem is This Sacramento Agent’s Challenge

Sacramento agentIf you’ve got a problem with a home in Sacramento, come on over here and sit down next to me; I’m happy to talk about it. This is what I do all day long. As a busy Sacramento agent, I solve real estate puzzles and problems. I get to hear about some of the wildest situations, and I find a way to put the pieces together and close escrow.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is or the perception of that problem. I’m a good Sacramento agent to take care of it. Not every problem a seller perceives is actually a problem. Moreover, there is not much I haven’t run across or had to deal with in some form over the years, knock on wood. OK, I’ve never had to supervise the digging up of a grave in the front yard, so I suppose my time is coming. I’ve never had to drink milk directly from a pail toward which a cow’s udder was recently directed; oh, ick, I am such a city girl. There are few things, though, I have not done.

A few weeks ago I listed a home in Sacramento County that was pretty much trashed from one end to the other, and it was a big surprise for the sellers when they saw it. The tenant died in the house. But you know, the dude was watching one of his favorite programs on the TV Land channel: Bonanza, and he died peacefully in an overstuffed lounge chair. That’s not a bad a way to go; especially with everything being all right with Joe and Hoss on the Ponderosa. There were no cliff hangers on Bonanza. Every show neatly tidied up its drama. When I bite the dust, perhaps I’ll be watching Tattoo screaming: the plane, boss, the plane.

Another seller has a home with orange walls that I’m looking at later on this afternoon. My recommendation will be to paint the walls a light beige. Paint is kind of expensive when you figure it’s about $25 a can, and you need at least 2 cans of paint per room, but it’s the cheapest way to improve a home and get top dollar. You can also hire a pro for $300 to $500 per room.

There is the seller who had to turn off the water in his vacant home due to plumbing problems he couldn’t afford to fix, not to mention, the roof is beyond its end of life, and the payments are in arrears, have been in arrears for several years, but still, this might not be a short sale, and I am hopeful that I’ll find a first-time home buyer for this home in Elk Grove. I know other agents probably would not touch this listing with a 10-foot pole, but not me. I’ll take on the challenges.

The more challenges I solve and close, the better Sacramento agent I become. I’m still selling millions per month on average, even in today’s slower real estate market. You need a listing agent? You call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759. I’ll be there.

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